Benefits and Reasons To Use The Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live scanning is the modern way of taking the fingerprints for performing the background check that is required to get the job, issue for the license or joining the non-profit organization. The fingerprint technicians take the fingerprints with the help of the digital device with the special scanners and images that are instantly transferred without using the normal mail. The live scan process help in preventing various problems that are associated with the ink fingerprinting like under linking, smearing and smudging. The major benefit of using the live scan fingerprinting is that it is transmitted directly to the department of Justice.

Live scan fingerprinting is the inkless process of taking the scan of the fingerprints with the use of the digital process. The results are transmitted to the Department of Justice through electrically for keeping the criminal records. The live scan fingerprinting technology is replacing the process of ink fingerprinting. The digital fingerprinting helps the service providers to transmit the fingerprints to the Department of Justice through digitally.

Live scan fingerprinting – criminal background checking:

The live scan applicants must get to be informed and the form that is required for the live scan fingerprinting services from the agency requiring the criminal the background checking. The live scan forms are used. All the live scan applicants fingerprinting submissions should be transmitted to Los Angeles. The technique of live scan in Los Angeles is popular and it offers lots of benefits.

Who requires the live scan?

There are various candidates who require the live scan fingerprinting. Some of the applicants include real estate licensees, teachers, appraisers, nurses, volunteers, lawyers, notaries, care givers, contractors, security guards, lawyers and so on.

Reasons to choose live scan fingerprinting-

There are various reasons to choose the process of live scan fingerprinting. The technicians capture the fingerprints digitally through various scanners and images that are instantly transferred to the mail without using the snail mail. One of the best reasons to use the digital fingerprinting is that it s faster than the other process of fingerprinting. Live scan is very fast, the images are digitally transferred from the live scan centers to the Department of Justice for the perfect verification. Once the live scan reports get verified, the DOJ transfers the results to the requesting agency. The results are being delivered within 2 days. Live scan results are better in quality than the normal scan fingerprinting. The live scan in Los Angele provides a better live scan facility than anywhere in the world. No fingerprints will get harmed during taking the fingerprints. In the case of normal fingerprinting, the ink gets messy. The ink smears the cards and results in stains on the fingers. The digital scanning takes all the images ensuring the quality and image quality is not above the DOJ standards. In the case of digital fingerprinting, the software will instantly reject it. So, in the whole process, live scan provides higher quality fingerprinting images that are having no smudge or smear that can be found in the ink cards.

There are various benefits of availing the live fingerprinting. The results that are obtained are clean and clear. The results are exact and there is no mess in the ink and no smear on the hands of the applicants. The San Francisco live scan is faster than the convenient type of the scan printing. The department of live scan in San Francisco is popular in the world and help in finding the criminal investigations. The results can be sent to any type of location, no matter where the candidate is located. Thus, avail live fingerprinting to get the best results.

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