Saturday 08 May 2021

Benefits Of Availing A PMP Certification

Becoming a project manager is not that easy as it can seem to be. It is the most challenging task for every individual. Every individual who is innovative and belongs to IT field may be willing to choose this profession. It has now become a trend to be a project manager as per the market needs. It could be more lucrative if you have just completed your studies. There is nothing like that if you want to choose this profession; you must be an expertise in a particular field. The project management profession is required in all the fields. The value of your profession gets enhanced if you are certified in that particular profession. Therefore, to enhance your profession in project management, you can avail PMP certification.  If you stay in Bangalore, you may find various trainers who may train you on PMP in Bangalore.

Benefits Of Availing A PMP Certification

Reasons why one must get certified as PMP professional:

  1. Globally acknowledged certification:

PMP certification is considered and accepted as a globally acknowledged certification. No matter where do you belong to, it is considered as a valuable certification in every country. So, this certification allows you to apply for job opportunities in any country as it is globally accepted.

  1. Expanding the market reach:

PMP certified professionals tend to form a community where they can interact with each other, share their views, share their experiences, share tips to enhance the project management skills and much more. So, with the help of PMP certification, you can expand your market reach.

  1. Bringing hike in your salary:

It has been found that project managers with PMP certification tend to earn 17% higher than those who don’t have PMP certification. So, this certification directly brings an efficient hike in your salary.

  1. Offering great job opportunities:

High performing projects are offered to those professionals who have got PMP certification and according to a survey by Price water house Coopers, it has been found that 80% of the efficient projects are provided to only certified professionals. So, it helps to offer you better job opportunities and makes you valuable as well.

  1. Enhncing project management skills:

PMP certification not only adds value to your career growth, but it also makes you able to enhance your project management skills and you can become more capable of solving big challenges and tasks. To get a PMP certification, a professional needs to pass the examination in which the professional is asked about the project management skills. One who learns and enhances their project management skills can only be able to pass this examination in the first attempt.

  1. Increasing chances of getting hired:

Organizations use to prefer those professionals who have got PMP certification and those professionals are given first priority rather than other professionals. So, getting PMP certification increases your chances of getting hired by good companies.

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