Wednesday 12 May 2021

Benefits of Solving JEE Mains Question Papers

Candidates appearing the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2019 must understand the importance of practicing previous year question papers. It is important to know the topics and weight-age. Around 50% of the questions that appear in the JEE Main exam consists of NCERT syllabus. To understand this, solve previous years question papers of JEE. You can take a look at the JEE Mains Question Paper 2018 and try to understand the paper pattern. Below are some top reasons to practice JEE Main previous year question papers.

Gauge your level of preparation:

● Once you are done with the preparation, you need to utilize the time productively by solving previous year question papers. Practicing previous years papers, will help you determine your preparation level for JEE Main exam. You will get to know your weak areas and get an opportunity to revise and improve your command over those topics.

Learn skills to manage time:

● One of the major benefits of practicing previous years question papers is that you get familiarized with the JEE Mains Question Paper. You will be able to decide the amount of time required to answer each type of question. Therefore it will definitely help you adjust your speed as per the exam time. Since you have already practiced the paper, you can allot time to each question accordingly and finish the paper with good time management skills.

Focusing topics:

● You can make a note of the important topics that are frequently asked in the JEE main exam. This can be made possible by referring past years JEE Mains question papers. You can focus more on those topics.

The silly mistake can be avoided:

● Constantly solving the JEE Mains question papers, will you have a grip on the type of questions asked. You will learn tricks to tackle the problems. Once you have solved the practice paper look for the answers and check how much marks you have scored. Also, look for the solutions of the wrong answers and understand where you went wrong so that you won’t repeat the mistake in the final exam. Therefore the silly mistakes can be avoided.

Learn to be quick and accurate:

● Being quick and accurate is very important to excel in the exam. This will be possible only by regular practice. The more JEE Mains question papers you solve, the better will be your speed and you will take less time to solve the entire paper. Also, you will learn some tricks to attempt the questions wisely and quickly.

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