Tuesday 28 November 2023

Benefits Of Staying In One Of The Best Hostels In Edinburgh Instead Of A Hotel

If you are thinking about visiting Edinburgh, one thing you will obviously need to concern yourself with is where you are going to stay for the duration of your vacation. You have several different accommodation options to choose from, from B&Bs to hotels.

However, one type of accommodation that is becoming more and more popular is hostels. Read on to discover the reasons why you should consider staying in one of the best hostels in Edinburgh as opposed to a hotel.

Hostels are Inexpensive

There really is only one place to begin when discussing the benefits of a hostel, and this is the fact that they are cheap. You can save a considerable amount of money, which you can spend on other elements of your vacation, such as visiting attractions or buying some souvenirs to take back with you.

There are More Options than you think

A lot of people have the tendency to assume that all hostels are the same – they are basic, and everyone has to share with strangers. Some people even think that they are automatically going to be dirty simply because it is a hostel. This is not the case. Firstly, there are private dorms available in some hostels. Not only this, but you will have facilities, with everything from Wi-Fi to games rooms being provided in hostels nowadays.

Benefits Of Staying In One Of The Best Hostels In Edinburgh Instead Of A Hotel

You can Make Friends

Hostels offer a great way to make friends, especially if you are prepared to share a dorm with new people. Usually, you have the option of a mixed dorm, a same sex dorm and, sometimes, private rooms.

Everyone is generally really friendly when staying in a hostel because they are all open to meeting new people. There is a real positive and friendly feel when staying in a hostel, with a lot of people sharing their stories or playing cards together and such like.

They’re usually based in Great Locations

Most hostels are right in the centre of Edinburgh, and thus they really give you the opportunity to make the most of your stay. You will be perfectly placed to explore what the city has to offer. On the other hand, if you were to stay in a hotel, it is likely that you would have to stay a little bit out of the centre unless you are prepared to pay high amounts of money.

Every Hostel is Different

The final point to consider is the fact that you will have a unique stay. With so many chain hotels, it can feel like they are all identical, and thus you know exactly what you are going to get when staying in a hotel. However, when you stay in a hostel you will benefit from a place that has a bit more character, as they are usually all different from one and other, and this can make your stay much more special.

All in all, if you have never stayed in a hostel before, you should certainly consider giving it a try when you visit Edinburgh. You will be pleasantly surprised.