Benefits Of Using Screen Printing Over Any Other Printing Technique

With development in printing technology, this sector has gained a lot of popularity. Different options for printing are discovered from time to time. Today, printing is possible on any and every material as well as it is used in almost every industry. However, one of the most commonly used printing option till date is screen printing.

Screen Printing:

Screen printing is a printing technique in which woven mesh is utilized to aid ink-blocking stencil. Stencils are designed in such a way that it helps in transferring ink or any other printable material, when they are pressed over the mesh. After that, a roller which pumps or forces ink through the mesh is moved over the screen and the ink penetrates from the open areas of the mesh.

Screen printing is possible on almost all the materials. For instance, when printing on plastic or printing on metal surface is done for labeling purpose, you can expect clean and crisp fonts. On the other hand, printing is also done on fabric and leather materials. For instance, screen printing is generally done on T-shirts to convert them into uniforms for a particular purpose.

There are no boundaries when it comes to using screen printing technique for printing purpose. A number of people around the globe use this technique to print on different materials and at times their diverse requirements open new horizons of possibility of using screen printing.

The Best Benefit of Screen Printing:

It’s  no wonder numerous benefits associated with this amazing printing technique. However, its cheap cost is the best reason to opt for this method. Both beginners and experienced printers usually work in a simple press set up to accomplish printing jobs.

The arrangements of screen printing press are simple and hardly needs any sort of technical setup. Basic machineries are used, but fortunately most of the work is automated today and so needs minimal manual labor.

Key Benefits Associated with Screen Printing:

Good results: If the printer is efficient, you can expect high quality of printing. Since the process is simple and clean, the final outcome of screen printing in most cases yields good results.

High Absorption: The paste is generally made using materials like copper, silver, and aluminum. It needs high absorption capability for removing the paste.

Mesh pattern: Most of the wipers which are used have unique mesh patterns. This makes sure that paste removal is done efficiently.

Less Expensive: Compared to any other latest printing technology, the old and steady screen printing technology turns out extremely cost-effective.

It’s green: Environment conscious business groups and individuals can opt this printing service since it doesn’t harm the environment at all.

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Screen printing is widely used not only because it is cost effective, but it lasts long. You can expect the printing to be crisp and clear right from the day it is printed till it is replaced by a new one.

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