Thursday 01 December 2022

Benefits Of Using The Cloud Phone System Instead Of PBX

Benefits Of Using The Cloud Phone System Instead Of PBX

New developing business firms require a top quality hosted phone system, so that they can manage their work with ease. Most of them, usually rely on traditional Public Branch Exchange (PBX), and are unaware of the new cloud technology. The cloud delivers all types of hosted services over IP, means now a user can get telephone services by just using the internet.

With the new cloud technology you can easily send messages to a number of people within minutes and can easily tie and add business firms together. Moreover, it allows the employees to call or text the customers using the same business number from their personal mobile.

With this system, the employees can stay connected to colleagues and customers also when they are working through various devices including, computers, tablets, desk phones, or smartphones. It provides various features like on hold message, auto receptionist, voicemail and auto call recording. Grandstream Phones are also becoming very popular now-a-days as they are best desk phones and provides telephony features. Various benefits of using the cloud are mentioned below.

Benefits Of Using The Cloud Phone System Instead Of PBX


Cloud is usually best for franchise businesses that have different offices at numerous locations, which allow all the employees to stay, connected with each other as well as with the customers. However, with the PBX system this could not be possible and it can result in increased expenditures. The cloud is a cheap way to transfer calls between different offices.

Moreover, it makes the growth of the business simply as now you can simply add new lines. With this technology, the training of employees has also become very convenient. The installation of cloud is also very easy, inexpensive, and quick. You don’t need to constantly update it.

Integrate Mobile Phones

The cloud allows you to integrate mobile phones. This means if you are not in the office, you will never miss a single call because with mobile twinning feature you can transfer any call on your device but you only need an internet connection. Employees can also send text to customers with their personal mobile phone by using the same business number.

However with the old PBX system this could never be possible because PBX was designed in 1990s, when employees used desktop phone devices to make a call. The drawback of this system was that and all the business communication got stopped when they went home.

Lower Cost and Saves Time

With the cloud based phone system, you don’t need to invest in thousand of telephone phones and also there no need to employ any expert IT for maintaining the cloud. Thus it saves much of the business funds and all the internal calls made on the hosted system is completely free. The cloud is directly maintained through externally, via internet and you can easily install it with a single mouse click.

Security benefit

The cloud has various security plans for its users and it is the duty of the supplier to provide security to its users. In case if something went wrong, then the complete data will be rerouted to some other part of the system.

Thus, you can see how cloud communication system increases employee productivity and are great for franchise businesses.