Best CND Shellac Nail Polish Colours

Painting nails is no more just about the shades but instead it is now focused on the texture and the type of nail paint being used. A relatively latest and innovative form of nail polishes are the CND shellac nail polishes that have been appreciated by a number of women today due to some of the best features that it possess. Some of the best nail paint shades in the CND shellac nail polish range are mentioned in the below section and you should definitely try on some or all of these mentioned nail paint shades.

Beckoning Begonia

This shade has no one color, it is something between pink and purple as it has a dominant pink and a purple undertone to it. This shade is yet another shimmery nail color shade and looks a bit different on the nail surface than it looks in the bottle. It is one of the best alternative to nude nail colors and is also known to suit fairer skin tones more.

Cream Puff

It was a few years ago when the solid white manicure came into consideration and was one of the major trend in nail polishes. The cream puff is yet another shade which grabs attention in no time and looks extremely stylish on every nail length. You just need to have a rounded nail shape and the color is good to go.


This color is perhaps the richest and the deepest of all the red shades available in the CND shellac nail polish range. The shimmery finish of the nail color shade helps eliciting an overall glamorous look. This shade looks absolutely stunning on every nail length and is therefore, used by a larger number of women.

Lobster Roll

Summers are just around the corner and this shade looks the best when sported during the summers. The reason why it is best to sport during the summers is that it looks the best on the tanned and a bit dusky skin tone. It is one of the classic pedicure shade that is used by a number of pedicure specialists.


As wild as it seems from the name, this one is a classic red shade that complements both short and the long nails at the same time. The best part about this nail color is that it is solid shiny shade without any added shimmer.
Wisteria Haze
This shade is sure to lure you with the hazy texture that it possess and it is a bit darker than the lilac shade off nail colors. It looks amazing on short nails and the skin tones that come under the category of fair skin tones.

Tartan punk

When it comes to vibrant shades of CND shellac nail polishes, tartan punk stands at the top most position. It comes with a deep metallic red finish which is ideal for both fair as well as dark skin tones.

These are some of the best nail paint shades from the CND shellac nail polish range. Each shade in the list is one of its kind is known for the vibrance that it elicits. All the CND shellac nail paint enthusiasts should make it a point to use them.

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