Best Foods And Vitamins That Boost Your Memory

The human brain is one of the most complicated objects in the universe. Saving is one of the basic functions of the brain. With age or from trauma, Brain can work with energy, in the form of glucose. Vitamins are required for brain function and for maintaining a healthy body. Here are the best foods and vitamins for your brain health.


It is a fragrant herb often used as a spice in certain dishes as well as aromatherapy. When it comes to the brain, sage has a calming effect, helping you to focus better when you’re under stress. According to the American, Indian medical systems, enhancing “head and brain” functioning.


Phosphorus helps strengthen cell membranes and neurons, and to better memory. Several studies have revealed the importance of this mineral in the body and improving basic cognitive processes in older adults.

Some basic foods contain significant concentrations of phosphorus such as ripened cheeses, sardines, dark chocolate, sugar-free Greek yogurt, eggs and poultry meat (poultry, preferably).


Magnesium stimulates a number of metabolic processes and it is involved in the production of neurotransmitters, it is an essential nutrient for brain active and healthy. Therefore, the recommended intake of magnesium dose between 300 and 350 mg per day is safe for most adults.

Also, include in your diet richest sources of magnesium such as almonds, sesame seeds, whole grains, cocoa, soybeans, brown rice, spinach, chickpeas, parsley and eggs.


Zinc keeps skin health, speed the healing process of the skin, strengthens the fight against cancer and immunity. In addition, zinc is an essential nutrient for memory and cognitive stability.

The richest food sources of zinc such as peanuts, dark chocolate, shellfish, sesame and pumpkin seeds, wheat germ and lamb.

Vitamin B6 and B12

Thanks to these two essential vitamins, synthesize brain dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline, In addition, these two stimulates blood circulation in the brain and improve memory. The most important dietary sources of vitamin B6 and B12 such as pistachios, bananas, egg yolk, peanuts, seafood, veal and lamb meat, trout / tuna / sardines, yoghurts.


Blueberries as a “diabetic superfood”, And other fruits such as dark berries, blackberries or black grapes contain a significant amount of antioxidants and help improve short-term memory.

Wheat Germ

They are an ideal source of vitamin E, which helps to treat memory loss, especially in the elder persons. Wheat consumption can have a detrimental effect on your brain health.

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