Best GPS Tracker Of 2017

GPS means Global Positioning Systems and GPS tracker means using the GPS in order to know the geographic location or positioning of a person, place, vehicle or any other such important asset or belonging. Such Gps tracker apps are also enabled with the feature of remotely recording location at specified intervals or time.

With the usage of smartphone going up globally, GPS trackers has become a known name and has high popularity in the last couple of years or so. Over these many years many advanced updates have been made to this amazing and helpful feature. As of now GPS tracker apps are compatible with android, iPhone and blackberry devices.

Let us cast a look on the different apps to look forward to in the New Year 2017 in the market for GPS tracker apps:

  1. mSpy GPS tracker: Mspy is a known name in the world of gps tracker. This app enables the user to get instant access to the location of the target device or they can also choose to track the route history. One can also track location of the device even if regular GPS is not available. For more information you can log on to
  2. Glympse GPS tracker android: this is the simplest GPS tracker app to use as its mode of operation is very basic and easy to understand even for a beginner. This mSpy Gps tracker enables the user to share their location with their friends and also provides you the option wherein you can predetermine the time frame according to your convenience between which the recipients can track and view you. The recipient is provided with a link with the help of which they can track your location and once the predetermined time span finishes, the recipients are no longer able to access your location. To be able to do so one does not need any access to one or the other networking sites.
  3. WAY GPS phone tracking, the ultimate Gps tracker app: this is a very advanced Gps tracker android as it is enabled to display location and other necessary information without the person being tracked even knowing about it. Now it is easy to track family and friends and even mobile phones remotely and without the person knowing. This app is also beneficial when you want to track more than one device at a time. The details of the device which is being tracked can be reached on the user’s web browser. As the sub-heading goes, this is the ultimate Gps tracker app.
  4. GPS tracking: the other name for this app is family GPS location tracker. This app is followed and used by majority people around the world for its more advanced and next generation features. This app is enabled to track or monitor locations accurately and very fast. Say within a minute or two. This feature of the gps tracker app enables the user to keep a track of family members, especially young kids. The distinctive feature of this GPs tracker android is that it can track a device for a complete 7 consecutive days. Other than that it can also track sms as well as call history for all the days that the device is being tracked.
  5. Real time GPS tracker: Now one can use the Google Map to share their GPS location with their family and friends with the aid of the Real Time GPS tracker. However this app is beneficial and worthy if the app is installed in both the devices i.e. the user and the target device.

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