Tuesday 02 August 2022

Get It Right, Get It Bright: Best Home Office Lighting Ideas

Get It Right, Get It Bright: Best Home Office Lighting Ideas

With the advancement of technology, most people no longer go to the main office. They believe that working from home is more advantageous than working in a  commercial office.

In a home office, you have control over important factors such as working time, outputs and comfort. There is no dress code prescribed, and if you are married or have children at home, this type of setup could be convenient for you. But it also comes with a set of disadvantages that can distract you and reduce your productivity.

The most important factor of a home office and how to set up the mood is lighting. It plays a vital role in defining every feature in your office where its functionality is more valuable than its visual appearance. A poorly-lit office can be very disheartening that can drag your mood down and can affect your productivity in the long run.

But, there is various range of smart lighting ideas that can transform your home office and make it your working-haven.

Contemporary Task Lighting

Task lighting is probably an essential detail of the home office. It ensures you to do your job under the best lighting setup possible. There is a broad variety of modern lamp designs from LampTwist where you can purchase an amazing collection of table lamps that provide light and a dimmer option as well.

Not all of your tasks need the same depth of light, that is why a dimmer lighting setup is also necessary and helps in a lot of ways. Task lights give a better contrast to your reading activity since most of us have to do a lot of reading in our home offices.

A simple table lamp can lower the pain in your eyes and can make the reading experience a lot more comfortable. It’s the reason why a task light is a must no matter how pleasant the surroundings are.

Appropriate Floor Lighting

A floor lighting is efficient when placed behind an office desk as it can naturally light up a room. It is usually set next to a chair to accurately give you enough illumination when you are working at a computer, writing, or reading.

It casts a light upward that provides a soft, but bright light in your home. Floor lamps also provide sufficient light in the room. Floor lighting comes in different styles which means that you can effortlessly match the theme or decorations in your home office.

Overhead Ceiling Lights

A spacious home office can keep up with an oversized ceiling lighting. It can be a sizeable hanging pendant, exposed bulbs from the rafters, track lighting, a glass chandelier, a simple orb pendant, glass pendants, etc.

Ceiling lights provide a hefty dose of brightness that creates an industrial vibe to a home office space. An excellent choice of lighting supplies an open home office that makes up and coordinates nicely with all the decorations in your office.

Let The Natural Light Come

Begin by considering natural light. Where is your desk positioned? If you’re fortunate enough to have a sunny window, it’s a good idea to place your desk nearby it, or if there are no complications, facing it. There’s something to be said for staring out of a window while your brain is dealing with things at full speed.

Natural light is not a bad thing if you know how to use it. It can be a problem at times but try to let in some natural light in a controlled conduct. Make sure that it blends perfectly with artificial illumination.


There are several ground rules in place to help decide which types of lighting suits for which intention, in this case, home office lighting ideas. Lighting should be flexible and energy efficient, though optimal light depends on the sort of visual tasks to be accomplished and should have a balance between direct and indirect light sources.

Utilizing and optimizing a combination of various kinds of lamps provides a worker to complete different visual tasks efficiently. Some of the recommended lighting for a home office includes a task lighting, floor lighting, ceiling lights, and of course natural light.

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