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Best PHP Framework For 2017

Best PHP Framework For 2017

For a website to run smoothly without any kind of glitch, it relies heavily on server side programming language. Of all the diverse types of languages used, PHP is the most easy to install and often gets installed by default. With 2017 round the corner, do you know which the best frameworks are for PHP in 2017? For better web development in you can rely on anyone of these 5 php frameworks in the next year.

#PHP Framework No1: Laravel

Php frameworks are age old frameworks. But, what is new is the Laravel framework. With the launch of version 3, Laravel has become sought after and is slowly becoming one of the most widely used PHP frameworks in a short span of time.

Why Laravel?

Unlike the other frameworks, Laravel reuses and assembles the existing components to offer the user with a cohesive layer on which the PHP developer can easily build the web application. In fact the entire process can be carried out in a more structured and thought out manner. Drawing inspiration from other frameworks, Laravel offers a host of features that makes a robust use of tools and application architecture to incorporate some of the exciting features of Yii, Ruby on rails, ASP.NET, CodeIgniter and Sinatra. If you are comfortable working on MVC, you will find it easy to Laravel.

#PHP Framework No2: CodeIgniter

Based on the MVC pattern, CodeIgniter separates application logic from presentation. In other words, it is easy as your web pages will contain very few scripting as the PHP presentation is separate from PHP scripting. This framework is ideal for developers who are on the lookout for a PHP medium that is simple yet an effective toolkit to create web applications with different features.

Why CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter has a simple tool with multiple add ons and plug ins that can be used for coding and naming conventions. In other words, this framework will make web development an empowerment feature rather than slow down the process.

#PHP Framework No3: Symfony 2

While other frameworks try to simplify MVC pattern, Symfony 2 defines it. This is the major reasons that other popular frameworks like Laravel And CodeIgniter has incorporated the features of Symfony. The pattern followed in Symfony makes it esay to find out the errors and rectify them. Some of the popular websites are created using Symfony.

Why Symfony?

Symfony is highly recommended because some of the best PHP applications are built on Drupal, phpBB and eZpublish.

#PHP Frmework No4: Yii 2

A generic framework, Yii can be used for developing any kind of applications using PHP. As it is a component based rich architecture with caching support, this framework is apt for content management systems, e-commerce sites and even forums and portals.

Why Yii 2?

Yii 2 being a full-stack framework offers many ready to use features, and ActiveRecord for NoSQL database, API development support and other catching support.

#PHP Framework No5: Nette Framework

The major reason why NETTE Framework is gaining popularity is because it eliminates security holes and their misuse like session hijacking, XSS, CSRF and even session fixation. This framework aims to make the life of web developers easier and hassle free.

Why Nette?

Nette is based on the Don’t Repeat Yourself coding concept and completely object oriented. Hence, the end result is a clean and logical code base. When the coding is right, rest of the web development process happens in a seamless fashion.

From where can you purchase these frameworks?

You need to visit the relevant official website of the particular PHP framework to download it. You will be charged on an annual basis. To find out more about the cost involved and how to install and use these frameworks follow the guidelines mentioned on the website.

Opt for anyone of these frameworks

Depending on your need and requirement, you can opt for any of these frameworks. PHP is a great framework that is used by developers across the globe for their web development issues. Every single day hundreds of websites being developed and are launched. As such the demand for PHP developers is on the rise. If you are an experienced and skilled PHP developer your demand will be higher in the market.

Go ahead and install one of the frameworks today

The type of framework you install depends entire on the kind of web development work you have got. However, it is advisable to opt for a php application development company that deals in almost all the types of frameworks. 2017 being a significant year where many technological changes will be incorporated and new ideas will be incorporated, the entire dynamics is going to change. Instead of rushing into anything, why don’t you wait for a few months before you take your final call regarding which framework you should use?

Author Bio:- Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – a Web-design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on cake php development, Mobile app development, Game design development.

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