Best Sales Management Software

Documentation processing takes up really a lot of enterprises’ and small businesses’ time. Today the most reasonable solution to this problem is using relevant sales management software.

With the help of technology sales managers can gain clear visibility into the deals. As the system of software is synchronized, it coordinates sales reps in all the offices simultaneously. So it consolidates all data related to sales and customers and also external information like emails and phone calls.

Using the software makes it possible to understand what your customers want and anticipate their needs. In general, it allows seeing the whole picture of the current business state: customer activity, contacts, pending deals, ongoing projects, and much more.

Which is the best software for sales management from represented on the market? As there are many options, we offer you a short buyer’s guide to help you make the best choice for you business.

Peculiarities of software products

Sales processes are different. Most of the modern software solutions are suitable both for enterprises and small or medium businesses. It’s possible due to their design with an emphasis on customization. Easy access to relevant information stimulates the workflow and increases its effectiveness. But still there are a lot of peculiarities that can be important in the process of a certain business management.

All in all, main features about the most popular sales management software are the following:

Best sales management software of 2017

The following list of the CRM software has been made according to users’ feedback and the level of their satisfaction from using the platforms in their everyday workflow.


BPM’online sales software is one the most productive multichannel solutions for marketing, sales and service. It is cloud based CRM software that optimizes sales processes. You have the full control of the entire sales cycle.

Special features and benefits:


Pipedrive software for sales management allows keeping records of all sales process aspects. It provides you with visibility into your sales process and convert prospects into real customers. It especially fits small businesses and their needs.

Special features and benefits:


Base sales management software is a sales productivity platform with good forecasting and reporting capabilities. Besides, it has a lot of additional features like communication tracking, email templates and more. Smart tools give complete pipeline visibility of your team.

Special features and benefits:


Zoho CRM software. It captures lead information from the website and helps communicate with customers more productively. It’s able to divide sales cycle into stages to prioritize the prospects. This software is good for companies with many departments. It enables complete sales cycle management by integrating online features and related modules (contacts, leads).

Special features and benefits:


Infusionsoft for sales is designed for small businesses’ needs. This powerful platform effectively manages everyday tasks automatically. Personalized, automated follow-up contributes in forming trustworthy relationships with customers. The platform gives tools for evaluating the impact of marketing activities.

Special features and benefits:

Use free trial to see the difference

Quality software enhances your customer retention and takes the relationships to the new level of success. It’s easy to implement and use. Besides, it doesn’t cost you a fortune as you can start using it for free.

Give your business opportunity to grow faster and more steadily. Your staff will deliver more results with fewer efforts. You can see all the advantages of using the software after the free trial, which will help you see everything for yourself.

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