Sunday 05 September 2021

Bio Scrubbers: A Cost Effective Yet Effective Odour Control Solution

Odour control has recently become a major concern due to the increase in the number of industries every year. This has now become a major reason for the different types of health issues. Most of the industrial sectors have taken various measures to control odour and ensure a safe environment and from the many valuable measures, Bioscrubbers prove to be a better and effective solution for the industrial regions.

Though there are numerous methods used for the large scale odour control that includes thermal destruction, chemical scrubbers, biofiltration is now widely used as these are most effective and less expensive. Whether it is about managing or security, these scrubbers prove to be a beneficial choice for the people throughout the world.

Bio Scrubbers: A Cost Effective Yet Effective Odour Control Solution


This is a beneficial procedure that utilizes organic matters in order to absorb the odorous matters. After these, the degradation procedure takes place without making use of any chemicals or any other media. Humidified and cooled air is injected into the filtration media from the perforated pipes. The materials that are normally used for the biofilters are soil, peat, chipped brush, compost and bark blended with other materials like gravel in order to regulate adequate porosity.

The demands of biofilters have risen to a huge extent due to their offering of the most effective result. They can successfully treat the malodors associated with ammonia, composting and other volatile organic compounds.

Application of Bioscrubbers:

As cost effective is the primary requirement of these days, rather than any other odour treatment, they are mostly used for commercial applications. Some of the most common commercial sectors where these scrubbers are mostly used are:

  • Gas and Oil Industry
  • Petrochemical and Chemical Industry
  • Synthetic Resins
  • Groundwater and Soil remediation
  • Ink and paint
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Wastewater treatment

Advantages of Bio Scrubbers:

There is no doubt about the fact that the increased demand of these scrubbers is due to its end numbers of advantages. More than any other filters, they seem to have surpassed the demand and popularization. Let us find out the many advantages of these biological filtration systems.

Low Operating Cost:When it is about an economical yet a cost effective solution then nothing like biofiltration system proves to be a better choice. Since there is not enough area where there is a need for power consumption, they eliminate the need to huge operational cost. There are two prime power consumption areas like Recirculation Pump and Fan.

Intrinsically Safe:In most of the other filtration system, there is always a major risk of combustion. But in case of bioscrubbers it is completely eliminated due to high moisture content and low-temperature oxidation.

Environment-Friendly:Since there are fewer usage chemicals, therefore when it is used there is no significant negative impact on the environment. This highly effective system is mostly used these days due to their many advantages.

Biofiltration is an extremely effective system that can definitely treat the wastewater. The odour produced is eliminated by proper absorption of the particulate rendering a proper environment.