Blocked Drain: How To Fix It Before It Gets Worse

One day when you suddenly notice that your bathroom, toilet or sink is draining very slowly than earlier, it’s a sign of a blocked drain. If you don’t unblock the drain immediately, the issue will get worse over time causing more damage to the drainage system. But worry not, this post aims to help you fix the blockage in its early stage.

Clearing a Blocked Drain Like a Pro

Well, this is obvious yet let me tell you that you first need to stop pouring more water into the drain. If you keep the drain running, water will backup causing localized flooding and you will find it more difficult to fix it.

Wear Protective Gears

Safety comes first, isn’t it? Thus, wear safety gears like rubber gloves, goggles and other protective clothing to prevent your skin come in contact to waste water or cleaner. And once the job is done, you can take off your protective gears.

Before You Start

Make sure you have a drain rod, a plunger or a snake ready before you start DIY drain unblocking. If you don’t have a drain rod at home, you can buy one from a local store. Now, wear your safety gears and follow the below listed steps to make your drain blockage-free.

On top of all, if you ever witness a drainage emergency like flooding drains, pipe burst or non-running drain, call out a professional drainage company straightaway!

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