BlogSpot Vs WordPress CMS Which One Is Best For Blogging Beginners

A blog platform is what you are searching for. In the search, you found that most of the beginners choose any one among BlogSpot and WordPress for their blog start up. You must be looking for a comparison between these two. This will help you to choose the right platform for your blog. Here is the comparison between the two top platforms. This will guide you a lot.


Google owns Blogspot. You can put different things while you are starting a blog, but the ownership remains with Google. If any of the things found in the blog is not according to what is permitted by the Search Engine that will be blocked. In fact, if the blog is not according to the terms of Google, it can even block the website too.

WordPress, on the other hand, offers a complete ownership. You can include or delete anything on the blog website. Even third-party sharing is also applicable.


You can control fewer things on a BlogSpot portal. If you are looking to focus on your writing alone, this is the ideal blog for you, where there is nothing much to be done.

WordPress gives you different options and controls. You can include different things from the WordPress plugin pages and can even integrate some of the third party gadgets with the site too.


There are only a limited set of themes and templates in BlogSpot. You will have to choose one from there. There is no other option that you can apply here.

In WordPress the option of templates is endless. There are different themes loaded on the site itself. More than that, if you liked some third party template, include those too on your website.

Moving from Server

If you watch out the portability option, BlogSpot is not at all compatible. You can move the articles to different portals, but in that case, you will lose all your data. The blog writings can be taken out, but the followers, the SEO, and all things will be lost. The main data, although shifted remains there in the Google server for a longer time, hampering your SEO.

In WordPress, shifting to other domain or a separate CMS is easy. All the data will remain intact, and you can even come up with a better SEO support on the WordPress portals.


While you are using BlogSpot, security is inherited through Google. Thus, your website and web contents are totally safe and secured. You will not have to think about any other security.

In the case of WordPress, security is there, but to make it, even more, tightened, you will have to use the plugins. Unless you use those, you will not be able to make the security robust.

Support and Future

Support is not that much in the case of BlogSpot. In fact, you will not need that much support in case of Google bloggers. All the things are controlled by Google, and there are few options that are open for you. When the future is considered, everything depends on Google. They can shut it down any day. In fact, there have not been any updates in this segment from Google for many years.

On the other end, WordPress is an open source platform. So, the control of shutting done the portal or to keep it alive is in your hand. There are different forums to assist you with the use of plugins and other things.

A critical analysis of the two popular bloggers platforms indicates that WordPress is much more sophisticated with its open source platform. However, BlogSpot, although naturally safe is having no future in it. Working on it, especially for the advanced users is problematic, but for beginners is quite good and easy.

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