Friday 01 December 2023

Book A Tadoba Accommodation During The Best Season

Tadoba Wildlife Safari

The spectacular and sprawling Tadoba Tiger Reserve is in Maharashtra, India and is regarded rightly as Vidarbha’s jewel as it is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra. It extends over an area of approximately 1727 sq. kilometers and it is secure natural habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. You would be mesmerized equally by the diversity of both the flora and the fauna.

Portal to enterprise and excite invites natural life devotees and experience buffs. Enjoy sheer excite and gather for yourself precious recollections at Tadoba National Park.

The various and exciting Tadoba National Park is arranged in Chandrapur area. It is the biggest national stop in the condition of Maharashtra. Sprawling over a zone around, the recreation center is the safe dwelling place differing untamed life. Southern tropical make Tadoba a fantastic normal historical center. The national stop is viewed as an odd track and along these lines increases the good time for each one of the individuals who choose to visit this hold.

You would enjoy the pristine dry deciduous forest known for dense woodland vegetation along with amazing animals such as Chausinga, Chital, Sambars, Sloth bear, Deer, Neel Gai, Wild Dog, Indian Bison, Leopard, Wild Boar, and many other animals apart from the magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers.

It is certainly an offbeat destination and that is what makes a wildlife vacation at Tadoba all the more exciting and full of fun. We would be exploring the best season from various perspective, for visiting this heavenly natural museum. You would need to understand the best season for tiger sightings, or best season for birding, or best season for enjoying the cool and lush green environment. In this context, you must know that the Tadoba National Park will remain open 365 days or all-round the year and there would be no monsoon closure.

Accommodation for Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary

Generally speaking, the tropical climate is responsible for making winter time the right time for a relaxing wildlife vacation in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve as you could enjoy a jungle safari in relatively cool climate. The warm summer months would, however, be the right time to come here, if you are interested in tiger sightings. For the nature lovers, even the rainy season or just after the rainy days would be a lovely time to visit here as the park would be covered with lush green vegetation and colorful blooms all around.

Right Time for Tiger Sightings

The winter season, to be more precise, from November to February, would be the best time for tiger sightings. You must study the Tiger Sighting Index or the TSI for different months in a year before making your final decision and then reserve a room in one of the cozy resorts at Tadoba National Park.

The ideal time to build the odds of locating a tiger is really sunrise and sunset – that is the time when the huge felines go sneaking and strolling. That is the point at which the group is gone amid the day and you have your own particular calm quiet time and can get Tigers resting and in perky mind-set, particularly when there are fledglings.


Best Time of the Day for a Tadoba Jungle Safari

Tadoba offers Safari in the morning, late afternoon and even a full-day jungle safari. The best time for tiger sightings is usually dawn or dusk as that would be the ideal time for the magnificent creatures to take a walk or go prowling. Full-day safaris are good fun for all those people who would love to absorb the tranquility of the place as the main crowd would be gone by then.

Open top “Tramp” or Jeep is accessible for safari in Tadoba National Park. Private vehicles are additionally permitted, be that as it may you need to take the timberland manage along. The safari timings in Tadoba Tiger Reserve are as per the following:

Morning Jeep Safari Timings: 6.00 a.m to 10.00 a.m. (section permitted until 8.00 a.m.)

Evening Jeep Safari Timings: 3.00 p.m. until 6.00 p.m (section permitted until 4.30 p.m.)

You could enjoy watching tigers in a playful mood or resting when it is peaceful and quiet all around. Since you have bought full-day safari passes, you enjoy the opportunity of entering the park first and exiting the park last and this brief period of 15 to 20 minutes could present great sighting opportunities.

Tadoba Wildlife Safari


Visiting Tadoba for a wildlife vacation could be a truly fulfilling experience. Moreover, if you are a bird lover visit the wildlife sanctuary between January-April.  Anytime is a good time to be amidst the beautiful landscape and the diverse flora and fauna.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is a photo-journalist who has been to various wildlife sanctuaries across the globe. In his recent visit to India, he was greatly impressed not only by the Tadoba National Park but also by the amenities offered by the cozy resorts at Tadoba National Park.