Wednesday 12 May 2021

Botched Botox Treatment and Other Beauty Compensation Claims: What You Can Do

More and more people are prepared to undergo quite complex and potentially dangerous procedures in order to look younger and feel better. On the surface, these procedures are fine – effective, quick, and easy. But it is easy to forget that there are risks involved, particularly for treatments such as Botox. What happens if you find yourself experiencing a messed-up Botox treatment that causes you injury? If the injury was brought about by someone else’s negligence, then you could have a compensation claim. Find out more here:

Risks of Botox Treatments

Injecting Botox into the skin is not without its risks, which increase if the practitioner is not experienced or is not well-trained in the art of administering the injections. The risks include facial paralysis and paralysis in other muscles in the body, disfigurement of the face, allergic reactions, speech problems, headaches, blurred vision, impaired vision, or psychological damage due to any of these physical injuries.

Botched Botox Treatment and Other Beauty Compensation Claims: What You Can Do

Other Potentially Dangerous Beauty Procedures

Botox is not the only procedure you have to watch out for in the beauty salon. For example, laser hair removal burns are surprisingly common, and many people have been injured by the chemical dyes for hair, and the equipment used for straightening hair. Other potentially problematic treatments include other dermal fillers and chemical peels

So what is your course of action if you have been injured in the beauty salon, whether getting Botox or another treatment?

What to Do After a Botox Injury

Botox treatments are routinely administered in the UK but are often administered by untrained practitioners. If you are left with any kind of facial paralysis, or you suffer an allergic reaction or a burn, then you have the option to claim compensation.

You have a right to claim if you believe that the clinician made mistakes or carried out the procedure without due care and attention. You may have a right to claim if you get the treatment and the practitioner promises you a certain result which they do not deliver. The compensation claim will be for the pain caused by the injury, the suffering you endure, and the effect the process has on your daily life including the ability to work. You can also claim for loss of earnings and other costs associated with the injury. It is important to consult a professional personal injury solicitor in order to bring the claim, as it is often a quite complex process and you need expert advice in order to maximise your chances of success.