Wednesday 01 February 2023

Brain Tumor: Know The Symptoms and Treatments Available

Brain Tumor: Know The Symptoms and Treatments Available

The brain tumor is regarded to be an abnormal tissue growth in the central spine or the brain region which is responsible for proper functioning of the brain. Physicians refer this to a problem which is based upon the place of origination of the tumor cells and if they are benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).

Types of brain tumor

  • Benign: It is considered to be the least aggressive and originate from cells present surrounding or within the brain. Cancer cells are not present, and they grow slowly, having clear defined borders.
  • Primary: The tumor which has its base in the brain cell is known as primary brain tumor. It can spread to the different spine or brain parts.
  • Malignant: This type is known to contain cancer cells, with unclear borders. It is also stated to be life threatening since it grows quickly, thus invading the surrounding brain tissue region.
  • Metastatic: It is the secondary type which starts in the body part, before spreading to the brain. It is found commonly when compared to primary brain tumors.

With brain tumor treatment cost in India being low, it is possible to get proper and timely treatment for all types of brain tumors and other ailments.

Know the Symptoms

If there is suspected brain tumor, then different types of tests are to be conducted to diagnose correctly the brain tumor issue and type. The tests are conducted to first identify the tumor and to monitor the progress of the treatment provided. The physicians undertaking the tests will be able to provide appropriate information answer to all queries of the patients and reassurance to make them at ease. The common brain tumor symptoms include the following:

  • Numbness in legs and arms
  • Headaches
  • Memory problems
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Walking and balancing problems
  • Change in hearing, vision and speech

Brain Tumor Grades

It is classified in the given below form:

  • Grade 4: These are malignant tumors having distinct and abnormal appearing cells spreading and growing quickly.
  • Grade 3: Malignant tumors which appear quite different from that of normal cells and appear distinctly abnormal and grow actively.
  • Grade 2: Malignant tumors appearing less normal when compared to grade 1 tumor.
  • Grade 1: The benign type of tumor having slow growth rate tend to appear as normal brain cells.


For diagnosing the brain tumor type, the qualified physicians at the top brain tumor specialty hospital in India will ask several questions to know the symptoms faced by the patient. Then they take into consideration the patient’s family and personal health history. A physical exam is conducted including neurological exam. If brain tumor is suspected, then different types of tests will be prescribed, the result of which will determine if brain tumor really exists or if there persists any other issue. The tests could be MRI or CT Scan, angiogram, biopsy, and treatment by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. The experienced physicians can help the patients to recover quickly.