Budget-wise Guide When Travelling To Queenstown

Travelling is surely fun  but the funds may not say the same. Fortunately, there is always a way you can travel without the need of luxury. With companies like Airbnb and Momondo, you’ll realize that experiencing the culture of different countries is just a few clicks away.

In this article, we’ll give you some insights on how you can save money when travelling to Queenstown, New Zealand.

First, be reminded that travelling in New Zealand is not as cheap as travelling in Southeast Asian countries. You might need to work overtime to ensure that you’ll be making it out of Queenstown when it’s time to go home.

Securing Your Meals

If you’re staying for a month, consider weekly shopping to save gas and time. Instead of eating on restaurants every day, save by making your own meals once or twice a day. New World, Frankton is 5 miles away from Queenstown but it is one of the cheapest shops to buy your groceries. Traffic happens in Queenstown (sorry to disappoint) and if you will not rent a car, try hitchhiking. It’s one of the things that’s normal in NZ. Perhaps you will end up making more friends.

But if you prefer a short walk on the nearest market, then go to Four Square Alpine, Queenstown. Although their goods are pricey than in New World, you won’t have to worry about driving further.

Experiencing the Night Life

Here’s the good news: in most bars, drinks are cheaper compared to food. This means you do not have to spend a lot to enjoy a night in New Zealand. Most backpackers would also recommend that you join pub crawls to win food and drinks. You will need to step out of your comfort zone to secure those free stuff from agencies though.

If you prefer winning money through card games, then a native might recommend that you take your chances in Cardsharks Poker.

Adrenaline-rush Activities

Now it’s definitely an incomplete trip if you waste your days in Queenstown drinking and eating alone. If you were able to save more, then maybe you can experience at least one of these activities.

If you happen to visit NZ during the winter – and if you are from a tropical country – try skiing. Rentals alone may cost a lot, so make sure that you find cheaper gears and secure early-bird promos.

Skydiving is also an option. Be reminded though that it will cost A LOT. So if you choose this activity, you might have to compromise on other activities and meals. (Unless you get lucky at poker.)

New Zealand has a lot of famous skydiving drop zones and Queenstown is one of it. There are prominent agencies that can guide you to experience the ultimate adventure activity. You’ll see the whole of Queenstown when you jump from 15,000 feet.

Or if you prefer water activities, secure a jet boat activity ahead. You can go around Kawarau River for more than 30 minutes(depending on where you booked online) for less than $90. (NZ currency)

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