Tuesday 28 November 2023

Businesses & Facilities That Need Laboratory Air Flow Control Systems

It is extremely important to ensure the safety of those in and around your work area especially if there are hazardous or unclean elements that you regularly deal with. If you’re unsure whether your workplace or business would benefit from an improved laboratory air flow control system expertly designed by Phoenix Controls, You’re in the right place. We have compiled a list of multiple areas of the health, science and even educational fields that are in dire need of a better air flow solution to keep those who work in and around their environment safe and healthy.

  • Research – In the research field there are a lot of experiments that deal with hazardous and unhealthy items, specimens and projects. It’s important to make sure that these environments and labs are kept well ventilated and the people working in these labs are given access to their environmental control system. From Bio-containment to cleanrooms to wet chemistry labs, the air flow systems from Phoenix Controls can work with whatever environment and build your lab or business is in and perfects the air quality and controls.

  • Life Science Facilities – Knowing that every space from the labs to the rooms surrounding the labs is all affected by the air in the labs. It’s important to have the correct sensors and control system in place in order to keep the air quality healthy and clean. The systems offered for these purposes are very flexible and give the controllers options and settings that they can use depending on the needs of their facility.

  • Healthcare – The importance of quality airflow in the healthcare industry is incredibly important. The needs of a healthcare space vary:

    • Patient rooms should be a space where their comfort and healing is promoted while able to control pandemic issues.

    • Operating rooms have various air flow needs and there are systems that help you control the humidity, pressure and other important aspects of the operating room.

    • Isolation rooms definitely need to be kept as isolated as possible including the air flow. The flow can be perfected while still keeping out and monitoring pollutants.

    • Hospital Pharmacies are often in need of sterile and cleanroom environments in order to do their job so it’s important to have the proper air flow system installed.

  • Industry – Other industries are also in dire need of quality air flow systems:

    • Government and pharmaceutical industries along with Universities that deal with biological, biomedical research and other hazardous environments require a safe and quality air flow system.

When it comes to air flow, many, if not all, industries need to take it seriously. If you are unsure if your industry is in need of a laboratory air flow control system, you should consult with a specialist who can analyze the air quality and contamination issues of your research or work environment. Many people are unaware of how important air quality is to their business or workplace.