Thursday 18 November 2021

By Using Different Codes Make Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is the redirection of the call to some another direction. It is used for the voice box, mobile phone and the computer. The inventor of call forwarding is Ernest Bonanno. It rings for once to remind the customer that their call has been forwarded. Condition of the forwarded line is indicated with the help of stutted dial tone. Incoming call can be redirected to any other type of domestic number. The owner of the call needs to pay the toll or the forwarding charges. It is enable once you dial *72 following by the number. It is used for the computer, mobile and the telephone. If the line seems to be busy, the same process needs to be repeated. If the call is received, the call forwarding takes place. After dialing *73, call forwarding is disabled. There is a need to subscribe this feature from a telephone company. There is permission to control the call forwarding through a telephone. With a special dial tone, unconditional call forwarding can be activated. Calls are forwarded once the phones are picked up. It is imperative to know how to forward calls.

By Using Different Codes Make Call Forwarding

The activation key *72 is used for all the calls. For busy calls, *68 is used. For selected callers, activation key *63 is used. When the line is busy, the activation key *90 is used and for no answer the activation key *92 is used. These are the vertical service code.

For a cell phone company, the following codes are used-

On no answer, activate *28 on a cell phone. On busy activation key will be *74. For no answer the activation key will be *73 and for immediate service the activation key will be *72. When the calls are diverted, it increases the availability of a person. The alternative to call forwarding is the voice mail and the answering machine, but some callers do not have faith in them. Traditional wired answering machines are comparatively expensive in nature. Call is forwarded to the services of answer immediately after the end of a day.

Ongoing calls are possible when this feature is turned on your cell phone. It is the redirection of the phone calls to another number. For example, to the home number or the office number.

Forwarding the calls can save time as well as money both. Forwarding up of calls to another number will make that number responsible for the airtime charges of call forwarding. Long distance charges shall be billed for forwarding the calls to a long distance. It can be used based on the monthly plan or the pay per use basis.

Thus, there are various uses of call forwarding and it is comparatively cheaper when compared with the voice mail. There are various codes being used for different purposes which are explained above. Call forwarding helps in directing the call and making available the person all time. This makes the people to have more faith on it. It has become more common now a days. It can be seen on every mobile phone as well as in the computer.


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