Friday 14 May 2021

Can A Baby In The Womb Smile?

Pregnancy is certainly an amazing journey and even as you struggle with the leg cramp, nausea or even getting yourself from the sofa, you should not ignore the fact that another being is growing inside you. It is exciting to find out how the baby grows every week.

While you are struggling with all the annoying pregnancy symptoms, the baby is doing amazing things in the womb such as smiling.

During the first weeks of motherhood, you will be so eager to see the little one smile, but you are also busy feeding and changing the diapers, and not sleeping generally, hoping that he or she can just offer and give you an assurance that you are doing a great job. There is no need to eagerly wait for the first smile as the baby was already smiling even when in the womb. Sonographers have discovered using 4D scans that babies indeed smile when in the womb from when they are 26 weeks.

A scientist at Lancaster and Durham Universities observed a 4D scan of a fetus and found that when it is 24 weeks, the baby practices facial expressions such as curling the mouth and smiling. At 36 weeks, the baby actually makes more complex facial expressions such as lower their eyebrows, stretch mouth, wrinkle the nose, crying or make a pain expression.

In a 2D scan, you can see the rolling eyeballs but in a 4D scan, you can clearly see the eyelids opening.

Can A Baby In The Womb Smile?

According to professor Campbell, this machine that is now being used in most private clinics in UK has made it easy for doctors to be able to detect abnormalities such as a cleft palate in an early stage as well as diagnose heart conditions.

Things that a pregnant woman can do to make the baby more comfortable

  • Massaging the baby bump

Soothing the baby bump is not only a way to bond with the unborn child but it is also a way to help the bay relax. Most pregnant women use creams and other oils to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach, but they can also be used as a relaxing ritual for the baby and will help to keep the skin supple and soft. An aromatherapy massage will also help to make the baby comfortable. Add drops of lavender, ylang ylang or frankincense to a carrier and have someone massage the bump. These oils should be used after the first trimester.

  • Sing and talk to the baby

The baby hearing develops with time and from about 23 weeks and she will certainly enjoy a soundtrack of the heartbeat as well as hear sounds from the outside world. Hearing your voice when she’s still in the womb helps her to feel attached to you quickly after she is born. A theory suggests that one reason why the hearing of a baby develops well when in the womb is when he or she is trying to listen the outside voices. After the baby is born, she will love to hear the same voices that sang or talked to her more than any other. Singing and talking to the baby can be so rewarding and you should get used to chatting with the bump.

  • Have a long bath

A nice long bath is a perfect way to have some me time while pregnant and it also makes the baby feel relaxed and comfortable. Just ensure the water is not too hot as it can be bad for the baby. Play soft music and light some candles to give you a soothing ambience. If you are in the second trimester, you will feel the movements of the baby which can be missed if you are busy running the daily errands, but at this time you will be able to focus more on his kicking and twisting. Get to know the rhythm and his movements and do not forget to soothe the bump as he moves.


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