Can You Straighten Your Hair Forever Using Thermal Straightening? Read On To Find Out

Having a long, shining, beautiful and straight looking hair is the dream of every woman. Women try a lot of things to straighten their hair. The most popular among these is the thermal straightening done at salons. Permanent hair straightening removes your wavy curls forever using chemicals. Several methods are used to straighten your hair of which these two steps are a part of most processes.

A sodium based product is first applied to your hair at the salon to break the keratin structure of your hair to make it easily manageable.

Next in order to neutralize the action of keratin an oxidant is added to set the strands of hair to the desired shape.

The most popular hair straightening treatments are:

Keratin treatment

Hair Rebonding

Chemical straightening of hair

Japanese hair straightening which is also known as thermal reconditioning

Japanese straightening or thermal reconditioning

This treatment consists of using chemicals as well as heat for straightening your hair. This thermal straightening treatment originated in Japan as a hair smoothening and conditioning treatment. This treatment causes permanent changes in your hair structure.

The loosening of the cysteine protein bonding in your hair is done to facilitate the reshaping and straightening of the hair cells.

Initially, the chemical is applied uniformly into your hair for a duration of 15 to 20 minutes to break the hair bonds. The hair is then restructured by applying extreme heat to it. The hair is treated with chemicals after straightening to lock the bonds and protect the shape of the hair.

The duration of this treatment depends on the length, texture, and structure of your hair. This treatment normally takes six to eight hours. Japanese hair straightening requires a follow-up session after three days of the initial treatment. This session could last anywhere from one to two hours.

The straightening treatment lasts for about 6 to 8 months depending on the after treatment care that your hair gets. The treatment is not suitable for all types of hair. If you have treated your hair chemically before you must discuss with your hair stylist and then decide whether this treatment is suitable or not.

After Treatment Care

The First 72 hours

Hair must not be washed or even wetted. Swimming, spa, and sauna are not to be used.
Hair must be left straight and pins, clips are any other tying must not be used.
You cannot put your sunglasses on your head.

No hair sprays or similar products.

Wearing hat is not permitted.

No boating, beach walking to avoid spraying of water on to your hair.

Your scalp should not sweat, hence avoid vigorous exercise.

If your hair changes shape while sleeping then use ironing to straighten it again.

Avoid your hair getting wet in the bath, in case it gets wet you must blow dry and iron it.
The first 10 days

You must not use any coloring for your hair up to ten days.

Anesthetics must be avoided.


Thermal straightening of hair involves chemical and extreme heating of your hair. You must discuss all aspects with your hairstylist before you decide to go for the Japanese hair straightening treatment.

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