Thursday 13 May 2021

Canada to request ruling of WTO on the EU seal ban

Federal government plans for appealing the ruling by WTO or World Trade Organization which European Union has ban on the seal products weakens the obligations of international trade but is however justified because of “public moral concerns” over welfare of animals.
The ruling was even greeted by the rights of animal activists but was panned by the advocates of seal hunt of Canada, saying that ban contravenes regulations of trade and discriminates against the Inuit peoples.

However, WTO issued their ruling in dispute which continued years-long, saying that on the other hand the ban hugely conforms to the rules of international trade, it even contain irregularities which needs to be fixed.

For instance, exceptions for aboriginal hunts are “not obtainable to entire Inuit or original communities” and are even “not applied and designed in the even-handed way.”
But WTO even found that ban “fulfils the main objective to address the concern of EU public moral on the seal welfare to specific extent, and no specific alternative measure that has been established to make the equivalent or higher contribution” to the specific goal.

Canada has another 60 days to file this appeal, and the statement which is issued by office of International Trade Minister also told Canada “will the appeal to WTO Appellate Body any kind of findings which would permit this biased ban to endure.

“The panel of WTO confirmed the long standing condition of Canada that EU ban is prejudiced and even treats unfairly the Canadian seal products. On the other hand, the panel even took a view that this ban may also be justified because of some of public’s concerns about harvesting of seal.”
This statement went on to Canada “stays steadfast in their position that seal harvest is consider to be humane, sustainable as well as perfectly regulated activity. The views to contrary are even based on the misinformation and the myths and panels’ findings need to be of all the concern to entire members of WTO.”

Gail Shea, the Fisheries Minister also stood in House of Commons on this afternoon of Monday to confirm the decision of government, saying that ban is really “unfair as well as prejudiced towards Canada.”
The EU ban also exempts the seal products from the hunts by the Inuit and various other indigenous communities. Also, the Inuit leaders of Canada even released statement Monday to express “disappointment” at ruling of WTO, even though the statement also noted that WTO yet found exemption for the aboriginal hunts is just not applied fairly.