Wednesday 08 March 2023

Can’t Breathe? 4 Common Air Pollutants in Your Store

The ability to breathe clean air is something of a luxury in our modern age. So many pollutants exist that invade our indoor air that it is difficult to keep even the environment inside your store a place filled with healthy air. Yet, improving air quality is essential to ensuring the health of your employees and your customers. The following are four common pollutants that could be corrupting the air in your store today.

There is no allergy quite like a dust allergy. Aside from the dry feeling it puts in your mouth and the itching it can cause, dust can make it difficult for many people to breathe properly. This is especially true if your store has fans or vents that are blowing dust rather than blowing clean air. By cleaning fan blades and changing air filters, you can significantly reduce the amount of dust that pollutes the air inside your store. If you have a particularly large store, you may want to invest in a more advanced air filtration system to ensure that more remote areas aren’t being neglected.

Common Cleaners
It is a great idea to clean your store, but the fumes produced by many cleaners can be hard for people to breathe without great discomfort. Sometimes these fumes feel like they cut right into your lungs, making it hard to breathe. By using cleaners that are not so heavy on the fumes, this can dramatically improve the quality of the air inside your store. Try opting for cleaning solutions that have more natural ingredients for the majority of your cleaning, then save the heavier chemicals for the more in-depth cleanings.

Many pesticides used indoors are not healthy to breathe. Whether you can smell them or not, a toxic pesticide is still dangerous to inhale and can cause respiratory issues for many people. When it comes to using pesticides in your store, you will want to make sure that the pesticide you are using does not contain toxic chemicals or lung irritants. Both these substances can make breathing a problem for you and your customers. Opt instead for products containing more natural ingredients, and speak to your pest control service about what options will work best with your needs and your common pests.

Black Mold 
The last thing you want to get a foothold in your store is black mold. Aside from being particularly dangerous to breathe, black mold can make people very sick. For this reason, it is important to look into ways to dry and filter the air in your store. Dry air will prevent mold from growing, and filtered air is going to keep you from breathing in mold spores and other air pollutants. Every storey should have a proper air filtration system that will maintain a steady atmosphere that is sanitary and does not encourage the collection of moisture, which can turn into mold growth.

Air quality is a major concern that you should take seriously. The cleaner the air in your store, the more pleasant your store environment will be for employees and customers alike. By taking the necessary measures to ensure that your store has superb air quality, you will be doing your part to keep your employees and customers safe from numerous health problems.