Capcom Responds To Street Fighter 5 Outcry

Street Fighter has thrilled the fans with its legendary  sidescrolling fighting system ever since they entered the gaming universe in 1987.

After a botched leakage of a trailer in 2014, Street Fighter 5 was finally released to the global audience in February 2016 only to face criticism for lack of a solid plot line.

The game features 16 characters with 4 of the fighters being newer entrants. But Capcom has now acknowledged that they drew the short end of the stick with an inconsistent plot line for the single player story mode while beefing up the multiplayer.

In an interview with Game Informer,the fighter franchise’s official maker, Yoshinori Ono, clarified where everything turned out badly.

“ I believe it’s safe to say that we thought little of some sections of the single-player components,,” says Ono.

Ono believes Capcom spent more time building an expansive multiplayer experience that they were unable to time the development for a cohesive story line. He continued: “All things considered, we are amped up for the two all-new single-player modes – character story and survival – and we have arrangements to proceed to refine and extend onto those encounters and satisfy our fan base”

Ono reasserts that Street Fighter 5 will be bolstered with incremental updates for a more extended term than the previous games with assured updates which may say the concerned fans. “For us, this is a marathon and not a sprint, and we welcome the greater part of the expressions of backing as we set out on this voyage together” said Ono.

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