Tuesday 05 December 2023

Car Selling Tips – How To Get The Best Deal

Car Selling Tips – How To Get The Best Deal

Despite the visual and print media being flooded with advertisements saying click a photo, post online and sell your car easily, the sale of a car is not such an easy business. As with buying a new car, selling your car also requires careful thought and preparation. If not, you may end up selling your car for a lower price than it deserves or in the extreme cases, not sell at all. However, here are some tips to help you to sell your car. If you take care of these points, you are sure to get a better value for your car.

  • Clear the Loan – The first thing to do before putting your car on sale is to clear the loan, if any. It may be possible that the financier will agree for the sale only after the settlement of the outstanding dues or after putting some conditional clauses. Whatever it may be, if there is an outstanding loan, you cannot sell your car.
  • Car valuation – Once the loan is cleared or permission for sale is obtained as the case may be, the next step is to find the real value of the car. Take the help of an expert or some online tools and determine the exact worth of your car, which is dependent on factors like make, model, year and mileage, variant and so on.

Car Selling Tips – How To Get The Best Deal

A major problem encountered while trying to sell a used car is the highly skeptical buyer. The buyer is always suspicious that you are selling off the car because it is not good for you. He will assume the worst even before he get a chance to see the car for himself. Therefore, before shoeing the car to the prospective buyer, or before even putting out the sales offer you will have to make sure that

  • The papers are in order, along with the service record.
  • The scratches and dents are taken care at the minutest detail.
  • Get the car thoroughly cleaned – inside out. It means engine, boot, cabin, seats and all the space should be neat and clean.
  • Get the car waxed and polished so that it creates a good first impression.
  • Have pictures of the car taken – this can be used for listing. A to sell ad with picture attracts more attention than an ad without picture.

The Sales Pitch

  1. Always be truthful. Do not use unnecessary superlatives.
  2. Be clear if you are ready for negotiations.
  3. Allow a test drive.
  4. If terms are ok, handover the car to the buyer after accepting the payment. In case of cheque, it is wise to wait until the payment is cleared to transfer the documents.

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