Tuesday 14 September 2021

Career Development: It Is Not About Money But About Dignity

Career Development: It Is Not About Money But About Dignity

Why should executives help employees build their careers? There are convincing reasons. Research shows that companies that integrate career development into personal and professional development their management increase employee engagement and satisfaction, which translates into improved business performance.

Career Development: It Is Not About Money But About Dignity

But why is this the case? How can one factor alone have an impact on other motivating factors such as wage growth and increased responsibilities? I think it is because there is an important process at work and a corporate culture that career development is assured – it means that the organization honors and upholds the dignity of every person.

When a company invests time, resources, ideas and makes the effort to help its employees achieve their career goals, it is proof that they respect them. A career, in the broad sense of the term, is an outward manifestation of what the person holds most outside his or her personal relationships. This is essential to the deep identity of self, reflecting deep passions, hard-won skills, and long-standing dreams.

Enabling employees to upgrade should be what all managers and managers want. By having career discussions with their team members, leaders can demonstrate their philosophy by:

SHOWING RESPECT – Have a real interest in what people do. Understand their goals and objectives. Ask them to find out how they can help them. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me.

NOURISHING THE DISCOVERY OF SELF – Help people discover where their skills and motivation are aligned. This is the ideal point for achieving and advancing a career, and the sound advice of a manager can sometimes change the future of an employee.

CREATING A WAY – Help people develop a strategic plan to advance their careers. You can lose a key element of your team that will find better opportunities in another service than yours or even leaving the business.

A right management consultant recently shared a story that demonstrates the power of respect, self-discovery and the importance of finding the right path by helping individuals update their leadership skills.

“During a leadership program, I noticed one participant – let’s call the Meg – who seemed to be bored and totally disengaged. She crossed her arms and came back most of the time, saying aloud that she did not want to be there. At the break, I went to her to find out more. Meg told me she was “just an assistant” and so she did not know why she was there. “It’s a waste of time, I do not want to direct anyone! “ I then asked her to give the program a chance.

Obviously, someone had believed in her potential otherwise, she would not have been chosen to participate. After the last session a few months later, Meg gave a sincere and warm testimony where she explained that she now saw herself totally different. Through her participation in the program, she has more confidence in herself and in what she does. Moreover, she no longer considers herself a “simple assistant”. Through her personal leadership brand, she now believes she can make a difference in a company and contribute fully to her success and the success of the people she works with. “

The role of a leader is to help individuals recognize and enhance their personal worth, their self-confidence and what they bring to the business. It is the best thing to do – for the dignity of the person and for the success of the business.

Moreover, Meg was promoted during the year to a position of responsibility.


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