Thursday 06 May 2021

Check These Top 10 Anime Series To Watch In This Era

Check These Top 10 Anime Series To Watch In This Era

Anime is the shorter term for animation. Originated from japan, these colorful cartoons are loved by people from every country. It’s a complex form of hand drawn art, which are now converted into television series and even feature films. Here are some anime that are still beloved for their characters and creative art.

Check These Top 10 Anime Series To Watch In This Era

  • Dragon Ball Z

One of the most popular anime of all times, it features story of Gohan and his father Goku. The characters are so compelling that it spawned from series to movies to even video games.

  • Pokemon

Pokemon is a phenomenon in itself. The story revolves around the protagonist Ash, who is on the journey to collect pokemon and become master.

  • Cowboy Bebop

With many awards and critical acclaims, Cowboy Bebop is a thrilling journey through space. It has a great animation and fascinating storyline.

  • Naruto

Based on Manga, it’s the story of a young boy who wishes to be the best ninja in the entire village. After being telecasted in the United States, the anime got more popularity due to awesome storyline and great humor.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is a combination of philosophy and science. The story revolves around two alchemist brothers, who practice alchemy to bring back the people from dead.

  • Bleach

The story revolves around Ichigo Kurosaki, a soul reaper. This Manga based series is one of the most popular anime in which Ichigo protects humans from scary and dark spirits.

  • Ghost in the Shell

Based on the manga series of the same name, this anime revolves around a specialized task force to deal with criminals. The series is so popular that it has been followed by two movies based on the series.

  • Steins Gate

It’s the story of a scientist in a lab, who gradually develops plot that revolves around murder mystery and conspiracy theories. Most popular Anime of all times, Stein Gates have in-depth characterizations.

  • Spirited Away

This award winning series evolves around a girl who accidently journey into a spirit world.

  • Attack on Titan

It’s the controversial anime where story focus on children, who stood against the enemy and join army to counter them.

The characters in the above mentioned anime are beautifully created. These characters can be drawn using various specialized drawing apps. So, if you also want to learn how to draw anime characters, online tools and apps can come very handy, as they are very interactive and easy to use.

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