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Chiropractor’s Ways On How To Stay Healthy and Optimistic At Work

Is your job making you feel sad, anxious, or depressed? Are the tasks too overwhelming you want to quit? Or do you feel like your boss is putting too much pressure on you?

There are too many reasons that can make us unhappy at work. The tasks piling up on your name, the deadlines you have to beat and the targets you have to meet, are probably just a few of the numerous factors that can make you hate your job.

But despite the hopelessness that you feel right now, there are bulletproof prescriptive ways to keep you happy and interested at work.


Declutter your desk, computer, and mind. Sometimes the reason why we miss deadlines is that of a cluttered calendar, computer files, and mind. When you are confused, you lose track of the urgent and important. And this failure leads to further frustration.

Organize from this point forward; prioritize what is due soon and important, and utilize your time wisely in doing this tasks. Avoid things that are stealing your time (social media at work won’t help you hit your targets).

Decluttering the mind also helps in keeping yourself happy and satisfied at work. Forget about your past failures and strive to start each day anew. Forget even the past sins or wrongs that have been done to you. If you feel like the system is unfair, don’t let your negative feelings hinder you from performing well.

Let your company see you shine and shed light on your colleagues who might be feeling the same by still doing your job and doing it right even in situations like this.  Your greatest incentive is when your employer commends you. Don’t expect any monetary rewards, just let yourself enjoy the moment.

If you expect any monetary rewards that might just add to another frustration especially if your company isn’t ready for it yet.

Have A Better Working Posture

If you get to work looking like a loser, you will certainly end up like one. Having better working posture, wearing the right clothes, looking good, smelling good and feeling good will give you the energy boost to kick start your day the right way.

Feeling inferiority about how you look will steal away your confidence to perform. Proper working posture isn’t just about the physical appearance, but it can affect your mental outlook.

On the other hand, you can look good but feel defeated, so having proper mental posture is also necessary. If you feel so unprepared for that day, don’t try to do some last minute fix, it will just make you stupid. Worrying won’t also do you any better, so if you can ask for time to prepare to do it the next day, make sure you’re the best rockstar they’ve ever met.

Always have an active mind when starting your day at work

Your work productivity can also be affected by your sitting posture. Sit in an upright position and strive to achieve proper body alignment when sitting down. If you feel upper back and neck pain, it might be more serious than you thought.

In cases like this, you must meet medical professionals, like Chiropractors. They can educate you how to find your personal body alignment and posture.

Work Smart

If your frustration comes from your shortcomings, you have to identify what’s pulling you down. Don’t repeat the things that don’t work. Start a new strategy on how you can manage things well.

You probably are working hard but not getting results, so the key is for you to identify the things you did wrong and work on a new plan that is productive. If you don’t have any idea what’s making you perform less, try to ask your manager or boss.

Being proactive about it will give them an idea that you are willing to improve.

If you fail to meet targets, what are you doing with your time? Are you managing things right?

If you are having difficulty meeting targets well, you should have a fixed schedule in doing a particular task. If you have an allotted time to do a particular task, you will have a fixed time to finish things up. You can also make a timetabled list of your targets per day so that you can have a better look at things.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly will fire up your body with enough energy to keep you going throughout the day. You don’t necessarily have to enroll in expensive gym classes nor strain yourself with too much exercise before going to work.

A few push ups, little stretching or curl ups in the morning can already wake your body up and can help improve your mood. Exercising increases blood flow, and that makes you focus better. Aside from that, it will also promote the production of new brain cells, improving memory and intellect.

So if your work failures are because of a failed memory, you can start regaining it back by exercising.

When you feel exhausted in the middle of your shift, stretch for three to five minutes. If that’s not enough, walk, drink or eat something. You can’t let that affect your productivity today. Some people feel more productive when listening to music. If you’re allowed to do it on your desk, then try bringing your headphones in.

In addition to this, you may also consider changing your diet. Think about the food that you eat daily, is it healthy? Sometimes, the reason why we lose energy even when the shift’s just started is that of the breakfast consumed.

You may not look like you are undernourished, but on the mental aspect, you are probably not getting enough brain energy to get your day started, so prepare yourself a healthy diet for a better mental performance. In addition, here’s a good health blog wherein you can find more tips on having a better self.

Share Your Thoughts More Openly

Not sharing your thoughts is an indicator of intimidation and fear, and if you have that feeling with your boss, it is either you know he is not open minded, or you are just feeling inferior. Sharing your thoughts more openly can help release anxiety, and who knows? Your idea is probably going to the best idea they’ve ever heard yet.

Don’t be afraid to tell what you have in mind, especially when you think it is the best idea ever. Not sharing your thoughts today is probably going to be the greatest regret you’ll have in your entire life.

Feeling inferior will also affect the way you work with other people. Start your day by feeling good about yourself. If there’s anything that’s making you feel inferior, confront it and do something about it. If it’s how you look, look better. If it’s about your skills, improve it. As they always say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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Melissa K Symmonds is a passionate blogger, Certified Recreational Therapist, and a Chiropractic Enthusiast. She’s associated with Papa Chiropractic, a Chiropractor in Port St Lucie; a champion of promoting better life by having better health.