Friday 01 December 2023

Choosing Hot Tub and Cabinet For Our Home Spa

Over the past decade, the popularity of home spas and hot stubs has simply exploded. These solutions are becoming more reliable and affordable than ever before. Obviously, not all of them are built the same and it’s essential lean all we can about things that can constitute good quality tub. We need to choose the amenities and features that are essential for us. As an example, the spa shell is an essential factor, because it is the most visible part of any hot tub. In general, we should try to make everything looks nice. More essentially, we should try to make it leak-free and intact. Unlike other components, we can’t easily repair and replace the sell if problems develop. The shell is usually consisted of an under-structure material, with two external surfaces that are bonded together when it is manufactured.

The surface of the hot tub essentially determines the feel, look and color of our home spa. In any case, it should withstand deterioration caused by normal wear and tear, as well as spa chemicals, soap and sun. More expensive models may have special coatings that can make hot tubs more resistant to stain and cracks. Some surfaces could also have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients. Fungi and bacteria can cause stain and make our hot tub slippery. The understructure material determines the strength of the hot tub. Poor quality tubs may crack, bubble and in some cases, delaminate. We should make sure that the understructure is built with durability and sufficient strength. If not, the shell may not be able to withstand the prolonged pressure, because the water inside the tub can already be heavy.

Another part of your home spa is the cabinet and it may deteriorate and decay in some manner. Without a good cabinet, your home spa facility will only become an eye sore. Poorly-made cabinets may fail structurally and popular choices are cabinets made from cedar or redwood. The species of the tree determines the color of the wood, so we should determine whether the color of the cabinet will match our interior. It should be noted that wood is an organic material and it requires regular maintenance. This is especially true if our home spa facility is located outside, which causes the wood cabinet to get exposed to rain, sun, wind and snow. We should place the cabinet in a dry location and we should put it farther away from pooling water. If not, this could cause the wooden cabinet to rot and eventually, unusable.

Alternatively, we could choose cabinets made from synthetic materials and they are quite popular, because they require little maintenance. Unfortunately, some synthetic cabinets could look cheap and “very plastic. However, some models may look quite elegant and they could be an interesting option, thanks to their long life and easy care. Whatever cabinet material we choose, it should be both durable and appealing visually.