Classic Heist Movies You Should Watch

Heist movies are where crooks and battling the corporate and authorities in various ways. It is interesting to know how the heist movies could work. These movies are quite unique, where bad guys are essentially the protagonists. They may not be persons with perfect ideals, but we know them as living and breathing characters who have their own goals. These movies actually represent many of redeeming qualities in successful individuals that we can implement in real life, such as teamwork, planning, daring, instinct and intelligence. They are not always implemented for the best causes, but surely still interesting to watch.

These movies often include plenty of dramatic and sometimes, comedic tensions. High-stake thieves are essentially the ultimate gamblers. Event with their huge resourcefulness, the core risks will never be fully eliminated. The Asphalt Jungle (1950) shows the careful planning and daring execution of a jewel robbery; as well as an interesting aftermath. Huston performs highly compelling performances and Marilyn Monroe has an early appearance as the mistress of one the characters. The then young, talented Stanley Kubrik directed The Killing (1955), a movie with documentary style about race-track robbery. It is the kind of edge-of your-seat film with skilful pace and vivid characterizations.

Riffi (1954) is filmed in France and it is about a dysfunctional group of jewel thieves. Even by today’s standard, Riffi, retains the gritty realism. It comes with famous heist sequence, which is especially riveting, because performed in complete silence. This small heist masterpiece has a gripping conclusion that will stay with us long after the credits. Topkapi (1964) is another heist film with lighter comic fare. It’s a about a motley group of crooks who want to obtain a valuable jewel-encrusted dagger from the Topkapi museum in Istanbul. We will be entertained by clever colourful and breezy characters. Except for the sad-sack Ustinov, they seem to enjoy themselves in the movie.

The Great Train Robbery (1979) is interesting heist movie with thrilling atmosphere. It is based on Michael Crichton’s book in an environment with rich Victorian flavour. Donald Sutherland and Sean Connery forms a surprisingly felicitous small team that plan to steal a huge shipment of gold from the moving train. Just like its name, the movie is a great entertainment.

After watching multiple heist movie, we know that we are tied to those characters somehow. We are also struggling to reach a pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow. Despite their misguided attempts, their exploits could still provide us with good lessons in life. The intricate criminal planning could be changed into careful process to achieve many good things lives. Even those lower-rung thieves and rag-tag bunch are among the less desirable characters in the movies; they can still be a lot smarter, more patient and more resourceful than the rest of us. We enough planning and proper execution, we are able to defy all reason and logic to achieve something meaningful. Heist movies are great fun for any movie watcher.

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