Sunday 09 May 2021

CNC Punching Sheet Metal Components

CNC Punching Sheet Metal Components

A CNC machine is a Computer Numerically Controlled punch press. In recent years, the manufacture of fabrications from sheet metal has been significantly improved by the utilisation of CNC punching, bringing speed and accuracy to the production of components. Orders can be fulfilled at a faster rate with precision tooling ensuring that the quality of repeat batches is maintained throughout. CNC punching of sheet metal work is a cost effective method of production saving customers time and money.

CNC Punching Sheet Metal Components

Versatility In Tooling

A CNC machine offers great versatility in meeting clients’ exact requirements. It can be fitted with a single tool for simply designed components or a multi tool turret for more complex procedures. With a processing range of between 0.5mm and 6.00mm, a CNC punch press is suitable for a variety of sheet metal including aluminium, carbon steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and zintec. Tooling can be fitted to punch out a single hole of any shape or an intricate component that requires the sheet metal to be worked by a series of punches. A CNC punch press is ideal for accurately manufacturing fabrications with three dimensional forms including screw thread plunges, dimpling and electrical knockouts. CNC machines can increase productivity efficiency by including the punching of sheared edges, small tab folding and thread tapping.

Computerised Technology

CNC punch presses are controlled by Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software systems. Using data from the designs of a component, the CAM software controls the manufacturing process, from selecting the appropriate tooling to operating the punch ram that creates the component. CNC programming also calculates the x and y coordinates that are used for moving the sheet metal into the correct position. In a procedure known as the “CNC Nest”, the CAM software will determine the most economic arrangement of components across a sheet of metal, saving materials and time, and increasing productivity. Engraving tools are also available to stamp information or clients’ details onto components.

Cost Effective Production

Using a CNC punch press for the production of components can make further economic savings. Production schedules can be reduced by using cluster tools to punch multiple holes, particularly on batch orders of sheet metal work. The manufacture of components such as ventilation panels or grilles, can prove to be very economic. By employing versatile CNC punch press machines with a company such as Edmo Limited, the production of sheet metal components can be efficient and cost effective.

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