Tuesday 25 June 2024

Common Causes Of Fire and Fire Safety Training To Avoid Them

Fires occur every now and then. The truth some of these fires are caused by very minor things that if avoided. These fires can easily be avoided, for more details you can visit www.metrofire.com.au. Fires cause people injuries and in worst cases death. If fire safety training was carried out for everyone to be aware, most of these happening can be avoided. There are quite a good number of fire causes in homes, healthcare facilities and even in workplaces.

Common Causes Of Fire and Fire Safety Training To Avoid Them

Common Fire Causes in Homes

Cooking Equipment

When a cooking pan or pot overheats, it only takes a matter of seconds to cause fire. When cooking, it is advisable that one remains in the kitchen until the cooking is over. These kitchen fires are more common if one cooks using high temperatures or oil. Materials that are combustible should be kept away from the heat sources. This is because such materials are the ones that help spread the fire to other apparatus. These include dish towels and paper towels.

Heating Equipment

People should ensure that their furnace checked regularly in order to make sure it is in the right form. Chimneys should also be inspected and cleaned regularly. A carbon monoxide alarm can also do the trick since it will warn you in case anything goes wrong.

Smoking Carelessly

Make it strict that smokers should not do so in bedrooms. It should also be mandatory that their cigars are extinguished and they should also use the ash trays.

Electrical Equipment

Sockets should not be overloaded. This is one of the most common causes. This because have no idea that when these sockets are overloaded, chances are that they will short circuit and eventually explode with fire.

Common Causes of Fire in Workplaces

Faulty Electrics

These are among the causes of fire which are very common in workplaces. This is due to using of very old and loose wires, plugs are heavily overloaded due to the many equipment in the places and using of old outdated and faulty apparatus too. In order to avoid this, there should be enough sockets in every workplace and the equipment should be thoroughly maintained. When this is done regularly, it will avoid and minimize the dangers.

Combustible Materials

These materials are a great risk both to you and your employees too. These materials catch fire very easily and before they can be contained, they are burning out of control. This means premises that hold these materials are required to carry out regular checkups and risk assessment to ensure that everybody is safe from these materials. Correct disposal, appropriate storage should be put in place to ensure the safety of everyone.

Human Errors

Even though everything might be done to prevent fire break ups, the fact remains that people will always make errors since they are just human beings. Some of the dangers include, pouring of liquids onto electrical apparatus, spilling combustible or flammable liquids. In order to avoid these simple mistakes, the staff should be trained in order that they can avoid some of the errors. Also, fire extinguishers should be placed in accessible places so that in case of anything, they can be accessed easily.