Concerns Tenants May Have About Home Inspections

Moving into a new home can be both an exciting and stressful time for tenants. While they cannot wait to get settled into their new nest, a lot of money is often at stake for them if the incorrect decisions are made, and many of these decisions are completely out of their control and fall squarely on the shoulders of the property inspector.

Tenants tend to worry a lot that their property inspector may not perform an adequate job, may not be honest and forthcoming, thereby opening them up to a whole host of financial, health and safety problems when it comes to their new home. It is your job as property inspector to allay these fears and to assure the tenant that you only have their best interests at heart.

A good start may be by telling them how you work. If you make use of a property inspection app or property inspection software, tell them, or even show them and demonstrate how it works. This will show them that you are not dishonest and have nothing to hide.

Many people fear that their inspectors are simply not qualified or experienced enough to perform the job. Speak to your tenants and tell them about any qualifications you may have (some states require certification) and the number of years you have been working in the industry. This will put them at ease.

One of the major concerns tenants have regarding inspections is that hazards will be overlooked as this could have a severe safety, health and/or financial impact on them. Examples of this are traces of asbestos, radon and lead paint in the house, especially if there are infants around as this could have developmental implications for them. Mold and vermin are often missed and this is not a pleasant problem to sit with. If you have young children, any good inspector will point out additional hazards in the form of spaces between railings: they should always be less than 6 inches.

Tenants often fear that their inspectors will also inadvertently overlook significant property damage, such as roof damage or crumbling foundations.

Both tenants and property managers should be aware that by making use of good property inspection app or property inspection software, all the above concerns should be easily addressed. In addition, these easy to use applications will ensure that both parties are covered should a legal dispute arise.

Of course, honesty is always the best policy from both sides and this is the best starting point.

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