Friday 19 July 2024

Considering Wooden Blinds and Choosing The Best Type For Your Purpose


Finding out blinds to properly fit to your needs and match to the room décor is not a very easy task. While selecting blinds, one of the ideal choice to make is wooden blinds, which is a universal choice to go along well with any kind of interiors. However, there are various choices among wooden blinds too, which demand your care and consideration to choose the best one for your purpose.

Wooden Blinds

Generally, wooden blinds are made of hardwood as cedar or oak. Wooden blinds can bring a soothing contrast to a bright room and also offer warmth to a dark room. There are lightweight woods like reed, bamboo, and jute also used as alternative to hardwoods. Bamboo blinds come in various colors and just like the other wooden blinds, they also offer a classy and modern look.

Wooden blinds are ideal because these can be custom cut based on the size of the window for a perfect fit. As far as custom blind is concerned, wood is a good choice for business office windows. Many of the neo-modern construction designers also make non-standard size windows, for which also custom cut wooden binds are ideal. You need to do a fair research before buying blinds by having better understanding of all aspects of it to go well with the room accent for a lifetime.

Blind Types

Quality wood blinds are easy to maintain as treated wood will not react to cleaning compounds and also won’t get decomposed overtime. Good quality wood blinds will resist moisture too, you can just use a smooth duster or vacuum cleaner to clean and wipe the slats with a damp cloth. On smaller windows, wood blinds are usually oriented horizontally, however this is not mandatory. Horizontal arrangement offers maximum privacy as well as a classy look to the rooms.

The best thing about wooden blinds is its ability to change the mood of a room in a second. Variety of geometrical shutters can offer a very seductive and classy mood depending on the setting of the room. Venetian blinds usually roll up while the wooden shutters will have movable blinds arranged inside wooden frames.

Heat Saving

Considering heat saving, wood blinds are ideal when compared to other types. Putting wooden window dressings all over your house can surely save money in terms of electric bill. Wooden blinds can work as an additional layer of insulation to block the air between the window and the blinds, and also properly regulate the amount of light coming in. Using wood blinds to regulate heating evenly is still an underused technique in maintaining room temperature.

Vertical wood slats can give a cozy light accent to rooms by arranging light in different patterns. Vertical slats are used in larger sliding doors also as these are easier to collapse than installing heavy horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds offer excellent light control too for larger doors and bigger windows when compared to conventional Venetian wood blinds.

If you feel wood is costly for your budget, then considering faux wood is a cheaper option to try out. Faux wood blinds can be used at high humid areas too and also at places exposed to environment triggers. Faux wood is more resistant to damage when compared to original wood. With feel-real finish, faux wood will offer the benefits and class of wood to your interiors.