Sunday 16 May 2021

Costly Mistakes Made When Hiring A Catering Company

Costly Mistakes Made When Hiring A Catering Company

Event organizers know the importance of quality service needed during an event. This is why hiring professional services from a reputable catering company is important. Event facilitators don’t want complaints from guests when an event is ongoing due to poor services, it is important to watch out for some common mistakes made while hiring catering services. This may include the following factors.

Costly Mistakes Made When Hiring A Catering Company

Straying from the Budget

Budgets are made to make work easier when planning for an event. It ensures that event organizers use a certain amount of money they are comfortable with. Most people tend to deviate from the budget and make last minute compromises, hence overspending, and over stretching their initial budget. It is important to stick to initial budgets by not straying from the original budget. One may end up in debt due to overspending. Most people tend to listen to referrals from other people as well. They may end up going for very costly catering companies, which do not fit their budget leaving catering companies which offer quality services at cheaper rates. Therefore, when hiring catering services, ensure you stick to your budget and take time to select a company that suites your needs according to your budget.

Forgetting Extra Charges

It is important to ask caterers to include all additional costs not covered in the budget. Most people tend to assume the budget covers all costs related to services offered by the catering company. It is essential for event organizers to insist that hidden extras and add-ons are included in the budget, and if not so they should be informed about these extra costs. Always consult the caterers, who in this case are the experts, this will ensure that you avoid mistakes related to overspending.

Serving the Wrong Style

Caterers prefer to handle guests according to the number of guests they had initially planned for. For a small intimate event, it is possible to serve a five-course meal to your guests. A large number of guests cannot get the same kind of treatment as this will give your caterers a huge task. The best way to cater to a large number of guests is to use the buffet way of serving which will work well for guests. This is because they will easily choose what they want, hence reducing confrontations between guests and staff. Always work with professional caterers who will help choose a suitable method to attend to your guests and serve meals and drinks within a reasonable time frame.

Getting Carried Away

Most event organizers get carried away easily due to suggestions given to them by

caterers. This may be due to comparisons made from events attended in the past. This may be very costly for them, and they may notice this mistake after getting bills from the catering company. Everyone wants to hold a great event, but they should be careful not to be carried away. Ensure you don’t serve too many meals which may result in wastage. The more variety of food one provide the more wastage they should expect. Therefore, event organizers should do their best and not get carried away.

Not Providing Enough Food

The key to a successful event is ensuring there’s plenty of food available for guests. Grumpy and hungry guests may lead to a dull and boring event. If there are various activities to be carried out during the event ensure that snacks and drinks are served during the event. This will keep the guests lively before serving the main meal and will reduce their hunger levels. Space out serving the snacks and drinks by working hand in hand with your caterers this will lead to a great satisfactory event. Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.