Tuesday 15 June 2021

Cox & Kings Global Services – Your Best Travel Partner

Cox & Kings Global Services - Your Best Travel Partner

Cox & Kings Global Services was earlier known by the name Quopro Global Services. It was set up in the year 2008. It is regarded as one of the better BPO or Business Process Outsource agencies and is actively engaged in serving the Consular sections of Diplomatic Missions. CKGS, as it is also known as offers administrative assistance and handles non judgmental tasks pertaining to Consular application procedures, Visa, and Passport. In fact, most of the Diplomatic Missions globally are handled by Cox & Kings Global Services, being a subsidiary of CKL or Cox and Kings Ltd. As far as CKL is concerned, it does not require any introduction as it is one of the oldest travel companies across the globe that has won accolades for its excellent service.

Cox & Kings Global Services - Your Best Travel Partner

It is a prestigious profile on the part of CKGS since it is associated with the following Consulates across the globe and caters to their needs. They include-

  • Consulate General of Italy

  • The Embassy of India in Israel

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Embassy of India, Berlin

  • Consulate General of India, Munich

  • Dubai Visa in India

  • Embassy of India, Washington DC and many others

Areas of service

CKGS offers services in 3 broad categories, namely, Visa Processing and Passport Application, Electronic Document Management, and Biometrics Enrollment.

Few of the other areas of service that the specialist offers include the following-

  • Processing Applications (offers end-to-end solutions)

  • Pre-scrutiny

  • Accepting applications

  • Dissemination of information

  • Interview scheduling

  • Fees collection from applicants

  • Remittance to Embassies

  • Document and passport processing

  • Data translation, legalization, and verification

The services that CKGS offers that have been mentioned above are within the purview of Application Centre Management and Operations.

As far as Data Management Services are concerned, the following is taken care of by Cox and Kings Global Services. These essentially include the following-

  • Creation of database and managing the applications that have been received

  • Biometric enrollments

  • Data transfer (secured)

Although, its area of service include the 3 broad categories mentioned above, as far as biometrics enrollment is concerned, it’s caters to its clients in the following manner-

  • Finger prints as well as digital photographs are taken of applicants. And this is done as per the standards set by International Civil Aviation Organization.

  • Finger prints are collected in a digital manner

  • The biometric data is usually collected in real time and under no circumstances the same is stored or retained in any electronic media.

It won’t be wrong to say that in all its dealings, it makes sure that the job that is done by them is 100% error free. This is even more important especially when matters related to consulates and embassies are concerned. Moreover, whenever applications for visa, passport, and other travel documents are concerned, the question of security arises. And it won’t be wrong to say that CKGS has been able to live up to the expectations of its clients very well and ever since its inception, it has never faltered in performing quality work.