Crazy and Funny Hobbies Around The World

Living in the modern hectic world we are under a constant pressure from every side, which is why most of us need an exhaust vent. Because of this, everyone could use a good hobby, however some people are looking for something more unique that post stamp collecting or plane modeling. Luckily, there is a great choice of crazy and funny hobbies that people around the world are infatuated with and here are some of them. Read carefully since one of them just might be the thing you were looking for all along.

Extreme Ironing

Now, extreme ironing is a phrase you never believed you will hear in your life, but it is also something that a lot of people around the world enjoy. The point of this extreme hobby is to go to dangerous, difficult to reach place and iron your clothes there. Needless to say, extreme ironing as a notion redefines both word extreme and word ironing and puts them both in a completely new and original context.

Dog Grooming

If you have a dog, than this hobby might be and obvious choice for you. By finding new ways to groom your dog, you will not only have an insane amount of fun but also learn an invaluable skill. Later on you can apply this skill on your friends’ dogs and in this way do them a huge favor or even start your own side job. You would be surprised by just how much you can make in this way, although some claim that turning this hobby into a job can suck out all the fun out of it. On the other hand, this might be a risk worth taking.

Yarn Bombing

Most people dreamed about becoming graffiti artists, however for those willing to try something even more challenging there is Yarn Bombing. What this amazing art is all about, is dressing urban landscape and trees in yarn made handworks. Even though extremely difficult to master, once you get there, you have so many incredible ideas to experiment with. For those with a lot of creativity and strong disposition towards street art, there is nothing quite like yarn bombing.

Doll Collecting

We already mentioned post stamp collecting which is, if not most popular than most renowned collecting hobby. It is however closely followed by doll collecting, but even this has its subcategories. Sure, you can always collect creepy porcelain dolls like everyone else, but what if you started thinking a bit outside of the box and came up with a new plan. By doing this, some people came up with an idea of collecting Hot Toys figurines from renowned action and superhero movies.

Faking Your Death

Even though today pranks are more popular than they ever were, most of them gravely lack imagination. Two out of three modern pranks consist of someone getting hurt or seriously irritated in a completely run-of-the-mill manner. Those creative enough however, decided to take pranking to a whole new level and started with practice of faking their own death. Even though this can sometimes be cruel towards some of the people closest to you, more often than not it is incredibly fun thing to do. Some of the ways in which people did it were quite creative.

Staring Contest

Finally, as a child, every one of us enjoyed competing with peers or siblings in order to see who can stare longer. However, there are some people why are even now trying hard to make this game into a genuine sporting event. In effort to do this, they often organize championships (both regional and global), with real bracket system, prize pool and audience. So, if you believe you have a bit of competitive spirit in you, as well as the talent to resist temptation to blink, this just might be a thing for you.

As you can see, not only is every single one of these hobbies extremely fun, but it is also something completely unique. Something most people never even heard of. This being said, if you need to blow off some steam every now and then, each and every one of them will most certainly do the trick.

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