Friday 01 December 2023

Create Retro Inspired Interiors To Add Fun & Comfort

Have you every thought of giving a retro style makeover to your home? Well, a lot of people across the world are going ahead with such bold decisions when it comes to transforming the appearance of their houses. Only creative and open minded people who are ready to challenge the home decor trends that are dominating the scenario currently go ahead with such off-beat decorating ideas.

Yes, it takes guts cum creativity to create an unconventional style statement when it comes to decorating your house. But the fact remains that if you want to be different you have to have the willingness to do things differently and the same applies when you try to embellish your house.

Retro style incorporates the trends and designs popular back in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Therefore if you want to mimic the same in the context of your home decor you have to go ahead with bold colors and patterns. In addition to that, you should also be very careful about choosing the right fabric and home accessories.

Read on to find out how to give a retro style makeover to your house-    

Incorporate Bold Yet Appealing Pieces Of Furniture: When it comes to giving an entirely new touch to your house, you have to consider a whole lot of things about furniture. You need to add some beautiful pieces of retro furniture to your spaces to change their existing look and feel. Furniture has the potential to change the appearance of your abode completely. Considering the fact that retro furniture can provide an abstract feel to your house, it can surely make it look extremely beautiful. This kind of furniture is really unique and perhaps that’s the reason each and every piece incorporated in your spaces try to attract the attention of the people.

If you talk about sofas they used to be really huge in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, hence you need to order them accordingly. In addition to that, glittering barstools and colorful ottomans were also popular a couple of decades earlier.

A lot of furniture stores already have an extensive range of retro furniture, so you can research properly and order your pieces from them.

Use Bold And Bright Colors : 

Create Retro Inspired Interiors To Add Fun & Comfort

The use of bold and bright colors play a major role when it comes to mimicking the style of the 60s and 70s. During those decades, people were really very fond of using bright colors like neon, bottle green, bright green, burnt orange, electric blue, bright pink, cadmium yellow and Caribbean green etc. Therefore, when it come to furniture or home accessories it’s better to have a tinge of these colors in them to mimic the retro style effectively.

Use Home Accessories Accordingly: 

Create Retro Inspired Interiors To Add Fun & Comfort

While using home accessories you have to be very concerned about the colors that you go ahead with. For example, if you are buying throw pillows for your enhancing the overall appearance of your sofa you need to buy them in bright colors like carmine red, canary yellow, barbie pink etc. The same thing applies when you buy rugs for your house, that means you cannot pick dull colors as that will ruin the style that you are trying to create.

Use Funky Curtains:  

Create Retro Inspired Interiors To Add Fun & Comfort

Another interesting way of giving a retro feel to your house is to use a nice and funky curtains in the windows and doors. This can bring a drastic change to your spaces and can add fun vibes to your interiors. Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, you can use funky curtains in both the areas.

Create Retro Inspired Interiors To Add Fun & Comfort

Paint Your Walls With Bright Colors: 

Create Retro Inspired Interiors To Add Fun & Comfort

Rather than going for dull colors like brown and light blue etc., try to paint your walls with more vibrant colors that can add a unique elegance and charm to your house. It will definitely remind you of the bygone era. You cannot afford to leave your walls without adding a fun factor to them, hence adding cozy colors to them is important.

Hang A Lot Of Photographs In Your Walls: 

Create Retro Inspired Interiors To Add Fun & Comfort

Remember, the 50s and 60s were the times when flaunting photographs in your living rooms and the bedroom was quite common, therefore you should also try to do the same. If you have beautiful family photographs take them out from your cupboards and display them in your spaces. This not only helps in mimicking the style adopted by the people in earlier decades but gives a unique look to your house.

Go For Perfect: 

Create Retro Inspired Interiors To Add Fun & Comfort

The lighting arrangement can also play a huge role in giving a retro feel to your house so use multi-colored chandelier and floor lamps.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips you can surely bring a lot of changes in the way your house looks.

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