Wednesday 03 March 2021

Create Successful IGTV Series To Drive More Traffic To Your Fashion Site

Traffic To Your Fashion Site

Instagram TV or IGTV, as it is commonly known, is the long-form Instagram video platform. If you know about it and the features, then you can use this as a powerful tool for your Instagram marketing strategy. Ideally, this happens to be the perfect tool for fashion businesses, as this allows them to showcase their creativity in a much better way. However, if you want to use it more effectively, there are a few things that you should know about it.

First, a few general info about IGTV. This was launched in June 2018 and came with features and functions that make it unique, exceptional, and compelling. A few of these elements are:

  • You can use it if you want to post something longer than Instagram stories. Ideally, you can upload videos up to 10 minutes long if you are a regular user of this, and if you are a verified user, you can upload videos that are an hour long.
  • It is a standalone platform though you can watch it through the Instagram app. This helps the creators of fashion to leverage the platform and drive more traffic to their site.
  • It comes with improved discoverability as it allows the creators to share a minute-long preview of the actual IGTV video on their feeds. This means that the users can catch the attention of their audience without even needing to leave the app.

The best way in which you can leverage IGTV is by creating an IGTV series. This is a series of regular videos of your fashion brand that will be scheduled to release at a specific time of the day, or each week, or month, depending on how frequently you want them to be released for your Instagram followers.

The uniqueness of IGTV videos

The reason you should use the IGTV series is that these videos are remarkably different from any other standard video content. However, there is a catch here. You will not be able to use any previously established content for your IGTV series. You will need to create new content.

  • This is because IGTV can play only vertical videos that can be played and viewed on smartphones.
  • It will not work even if you repurpose any video content from elsewhere, once again, due to the vertical aspect as well as the length, which you must consider.

It is this vertical aspect that makes the IGTV videos o unique. All your content will be fresh. However, you will need to choose an engaging topic so that every minute of it is exciting.

  • The best way to create such a video is to add the “behind the scenes” shots of any even or even the people working on your product.
  • You can even design it as a commentary on any of your products or service or a documentary on an intriguing side of your business.

You can make it look like a tutorial or shoot an interview related to your product or service that will help the people to understand your product or service in a much better way.

Use the new tool

You can use the new IGTV series tool on Instagram to create your video to connect with your existing customers and attract new ones easily. You can even take clues by watching different IGTV series from other creators you like and also get informed when there are new episodes.

The new tool allows all creators to organize their videos in a much better way on a separate page. They can include a badge with the series name, which will quickly separate the video from the others. When someone watches any episode of your series, the tool will automatically recommend watching the next episode. This will ensure continued viewing without ever missing out on any new episode when created.

Creating IGTV series

You can create your own IGTV Series with the tools and features that this platform offers. IGTV, in fact, is an exciting feature that will help your business a lot, whether you like it or watch it or not.

  • It seems to be getting even better, which is why now you can release your series on this video streaming platform provided you are an IGTV account holder.
  • You will also be able to segment your videos into several different mini-series to make it all the more exciting and effective.

You can create a complete video with your chosen themes and give it a dedicated title as well. It will make it look just like any other TV series helping the viewers to keep track of what they are watching. They can also subscribe separately to receive notifications about new content as and when it rolls out.

Providing a huge binge-watch, it is good news from both the perspectives, that of the viewers and the users.

To create your own IGTV series, all you have to do is:

  • Download IGTV from the app store
  • Clicking on the + button
  • Select a video you want to upload from your device
  • Add a cover image to it tapping ‘next’ and selecting a still frame or a custom image from the gallery or camera roll
  • Add the brief or detailed title and
  • Tap on ‘add to series’ if you have one already or create a series name first if you are a first-timer.

Make sure that you sync the Instagram and Facebook page to share your content on both platforms. If you want to remove a video from the series, simply tap on the three dots and then ‘Remove from series.’ Simple.


Therefore, whether you create a short-form video or a long one, the IGTV series will help you to reach out to a more significant section of the audience who loves to watch than read about a brand, product, and its usage. Therefore, invest on IGTV to build an exclusive and creative IGTV series.

This is a feature that will now allow Instagram to compete with both YouTube and TikTok and you with your competitors and draw more traffic top your site, both more aggressively and effectively.



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