Creating A Product Demo Video? Make Sure You Read This First!

Demonstration videos are the perfect way to showcase the benefits and features of your products.

They grab the attention of your target audience more than text and images ever will. And, of course, they should people how to use your products.

Before I make any significant purchasing decisions, I always look at product demo videos. After all; if I’m spending a lot of money on something, I want to be sure that I’m going to do so on the best item to suit my needs.

These days product demo videos are an essential ingredient for any business that wants to sell as many products as possible. If you want to start creating demo videos, this blog post will share with you the best techniques for doing so. Here is what you need to know:

Don’t Show Off a Product you Know Nothing About

One of the biggest mistakes any company could make is to demo a product they’ve not used in real life before. That usually applies to large corporations, but even some smaller business make this fatal error too.

Before you get in front of the camera and start talking about your products, you need to have intimate details about them. Why would people buy them? How should they get used? What are the best ways to maintain them?

Those questions and more are all ones that you need to know the answers for! For example, let’s assume one of your products is a saw. You need to know what type of saw it is, how best to use it and what materials you can cut with it.

Get a Production Company to Help You

Some business owners assume all you need is a video camera and tripod to film a product demo. If you’re filming a low quality, low-budget product demo, that’s fine. But you want your products to sell like hot cakes!

To achieve that goal, you need to get some outside help. Production companies like Vivid Photo Visual can assist you with your product demo videos. It makes financial sense because you don’t need to pay for expensive video equipment or learn how to film properly.

It might surprise you to learn that getting production companies to shoot your product demos doesn’t cost a fortune! And if you’re getting many product demos filmed, I’m sure you can negotiate a discount with your intended vendors.

Create a Mental Map on your Product Demo Video

Any product videos you create need to be segmented into individual sections. When you speak on the video, be sure to refer to specific areas of the video. For example, “in a few minutes, I will show you how to get the best out of your saw.”

The people that look at your videos know little to nothing about your products. Or your brand for that matter. You might have demoed your products countless numbers of times. But you should always assume that your audience know nothing.

It’s your job to give them a detailed overview. And make them buy your products once they’re done watching your demo videos!

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