Wednesday 08 March 2023

Creative Digital Marketing Tactics to Help Your Business Stand out Online

Automate Voice Dialing and Text Messaging

The first tactic is using turbo dial when you collect phone numbers on your website. The cool part about this is that you can integrate it with your marketing automation platform like InfusionSoft. Based on interaction and action user takes, you can send out a signal to turboDial to send them a text message now. For example, someone watches a webinar but they don’t buy or become a lead. At the end of the webinar they will see the web form or call to action saying “Hey, if you want to learn more about our software, fill in this form” or “Hey, if you’re interested in buying our product click here.” If they don’t buy or become a lead, the next day turbodial programmed out to send them a text. To start conversation take person’s name and just put question-mark at the end. It’ll be like ‘Mark?’. Mark will probably respond with “Who is this?”.  Someone from your team or automatic reply can be programmed to automatically reply with, “Hey Mark, this is Mike from *your company name* and I wanted to follow up with you. We noticed that you watched the webinar and he just wanted to make sure that you had no questions or if you need any help with anything. Let me know I’m here to help you.” A simple but effective technique that can increase your conversion rate.

Exit Pop-ups

Exit pop-ups is a great way to increase optins, sales and conversion. Make it work on desktop browsers only as it might not renders properly on mobile. People hate them, but they still convert and they work well. Don’t just do any old and static exit-popup, make the background an animated gif and that animated gif should be showing them what they’re going to get once they opt-in. It’s really simple. Once you do that, you’ll find that your email collection rate will skyrocket from your exit pop-up.

Smart Remarketing in a Multichannel Strategy

Creare remarketing lists and campaigns based on how people are behaving on your website. For example, if somebody reads let’s say a digital marketing strategy guide, you might want to send them more content on PPC or Twitter for example. If they download the guide then the next step could be a video saying, “Hey, I just noticed that you download this SEO guide over here and I have another resource for you over here. Just click here to get it.” Or he might say, “Just watch the rest of this video.”

Then you can create a remarketing list for people that have watched 75% of that video, and then from there, you can push them to a webinar where you can provide them with more value. You can do the same thing with Google as well in Adwords remarketing campaign. You’re basically telling people a story over time versus trying to just get them to buy, buy, buy all the time.

Write Better Content Than Your Competitors

TO start off you need to find your competitor’s most popular posts and pages. If you don’t know them, go to, type in his URL and clisk on “Top Pages” and will se the list of pages that rank well on organic search results and have a lot of social shares. From there take that URL, put into and it’ll show you all the top Twitter users that share that piece of content. Write something similar that’s better and more insightful, go find email addresses for all those Twitter users and send out an outreach email. It’d go something like this, “Hey, Eric, I noticed you tweeted our article A, B and C by author Y. I have a similar article that’s coming out, but mine has updated stats and info that the original didn’t cover. Let me know if you want to check it out.” They usually respond with, “Sure.” Especially, even if they don’t know you, they still respond.

Once they respond, I follow up with, “Here you go, Mark. PS, let me know if I can do anything for you. PPS, if you share this post it wouldn’t just make my day, it would make my decade, or you could say it wouldn’t make my year, it would make my decade.” That’s it. You get more shares, and just do it in quantity.

Have Content-creation Checklist

Make sure you have some kind of content-creation checklist. The idea is that you’re dedicating a couple hours you’re backing. Make sure that you’re backing your content creation. You might say, for the first one hour of the day I might just write, and then for the next hour I might be shooting videos.

I might be shooting live and in 15 minutes I might be engaging with social media, and then I might be trying to guest-post or do some kind of webinar. The idea is you’re out there creating so much content. If you look at guys like Gary V, it’s just content and content all the time. He just continues to put out content up and he is just going to continue to try to add value to his audience. Try to figure out some type of checklists that you have, dedicate that time block, that timeout, make that time sacred, and also google the content re-usage or re-purposing workflow. That’s going to help you a little bit. Copyblogger also has a checklist on this as well.

Emails Remarketing

With email remarketing, you can add tracking pixel to your email signature, so every time you send out an email to someone and they open it, you’re automatically adding them to re-marketing list. Around the web, they can see your ads or whatever you want them to see. Especially if you’re doing B2B sales and you’re emailing prospects proposals and things of that nature, you can add them to a separate remarketing list and the ad copy could be really creative-like.

If I’m selling someone on SEO services, the banner ads could be like, “What are you waiting for?” Why don’t you sign up with me and it would have my face?” It’s like, “Don’t you want more traffic?” Doing something creative like that, people you should follow back up with me and they’re like, “I love the creativity. Can you do this kind of stuff with my business, but without being as edgy?” It helps its sales. It works even for software. It works for B2C. Overstock, Amazon, they all do it. Add the remarketing pixel in the emails.