Thursday 03 June 2021

CT Scan: Technology Shifts To Morgue From Hospital To Provide Scalpel-Less Autopsies

In a CSI episode, instead of the human body getting sliced up with saw and scalpel, cadaver gets wheeled to be made a machine to produce a 3D interior image for medical experts to have a proper view. Although visual drama might not be offered by this scene, the scenario cannot be termed as a fantasy or science fiction created by some TV scriptwriter. As a matter of fact, it is very the very idea of virtual autopsy!

Enabling proper medical aid

With the introduction of the latest and advanced 3D reconstruction techniques, getting to view the living organs in the human beings from its interior portion is no more a science fiction, but a grand reality of today. The surface which renders the tendon, muscle and skeleton are able to produce the body’s model having sufficient detail that is used for anatomical studies as well as to train physicians. Simpler and accurate approach to autopsy is brought by perfuming similar service, especially on deceased people.

There are readily available several software programs which can produce the human body’s computer images in 3D form. Few programs do take out the output from CT (computed tomography) imaging machine that can be found at any hospital. Then the 2D slices are converted into a 3D image.

Why virtual autopsies are considered quite significant?

Several reasons are cited for virtual autopsies to be regarded as a crucial tool associated in the field of forensic medicine. Estimated 94% deaths in 2004 resulted in the country are said not to undergo an autopsy. The state laws pertaining to autopsy tend to differ. It is only if there occurs any suspicious death that coroners probably will be required to be performed.

At times, the issue can be economic related, since the standard autopsy procedure costs are quite high. On the other hand, virtual autopsies may cost very less. Autopsy according to several cultural traditions and religions are regarded to be the body’s unwarranted desecration. People in many countries follow the tradition of buying the body immediately after death. This might preclude an autopsy. But in more remote areas and small jurisdictions, where there is not available or present a forensic investigator, there can be performed a CT scan, the results of which can be stored for future evaluation purpose or transmitted to any coroner located at another place.

Virtual autopsy and its first instance

It was in 2004 that the initial virtual autopsies were said to have taken place on an infant, who had, unfortunately, died when getting examined with a laryngoscope. But a cause of death was not able to be determined through an autopsy. A puncture was revealed in the voice box which actually caused a collapsed lung. This was determined by the images found by a pre-autopsy based CT scan. When the lung was tried to be re-inflated, a second puncture was caused in the heart. CT scan reviews clearly displayed the path of the needle, thereby solving the mystery.

Introduction of virtual autopsy

In many countries, the virtual autopsy also called virtopsy, which is a combination of MRI and CT is being performed and becoming popular these days and is said to be a standard technique. The armed U.S. forces who were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq were scanned by the medical personnel to determine not only the cause of death but even to collect data that can help enhance body armor.

Hence, the industry experts are of the opinion that CT device development exclusively for virtual autopsies can be found in the near future. Emphasis is currently being laid upon visualization devices. CT scans, according to reports is found to be instrumental to revalorize crime scene investigation methods in Italy. The emergence of ct scan centre in Hyderabad in huge numbers has been helping patients and doctors alike to get rid of dangerous diseases that were once less curable or took a very long time for cure and recovery.

Some drawbacks

There are noticed few drawbacks when using CT images for a virtual autopsy. CT as per the experts is found to be good enough to display metal and bone. However, few soft tissues present in the human body often appear to be similar in the CT scan image. Moreover, CT scanners tend to have the tendency to burn out or get overheated if scan volume is very high like in a natural disaster or during warfare.

However, radiation is termed to be one particular aspect that there is no worry about when carrying out CT autopsies. This has been a concern previously since the inception of technology. Patients are exposed generally to typical CT Scan radiation around a hundred times when compared to that of the standard chest x-ray or 10 times of mammography. The latest figures by the experts clearly state that volume of sales of the CT device across the globe is only expected to increase in the near future and touch base to approximately $25 billion by around 2020. Still, CT is considered to be the favorite imaging technique pertaining to cancer and cardiac follow-up. But with the introduction of numerous less damaging devices, this particular advantage might only erode with a passage of time. But, innovation can be expected to increase resolution as well as reduce to a great extent radiation dosage and exposure times.

Using CT scan on any nonliving being will not present any type of hazard, except for the radiology personnel present. But this issue can be avoided by using the radiation shielding wisely. Therefore, with no such restrictions, increased radiation levels and extended times might be utilized to enhance definition or resolution. In the future, there is expected further development of several imaging devices for the purpose of forensic evaluation. This is sure to be a positive source of revenue for the aging CT facilities present in radiology offices and hospitals including the ever important addition to a forensic investigator.

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