Tuesday 21 September 2021

Customertimes: A Salesforce Implementation Service

With the advancements in technology, a lot of services have been incorporated with it. All these services have a common aim to make processes easy, convenient and hassle free for customers. Indeed, technology advancement is a great contributing factor to the industry.

Basic Salesforce Information

What is Salesforce you might ask? It is a cloud computing and social enterprise software as a service provider. Based in San Francisco, it was founded in the year 1999.

The enterprise within the Salesforce1 platform provides companies with an interface for different services. Such services include case management, task management, a system for automatic routing and escalating of important events are also provided. Customers also have the ability to track their cases, a social networking plug-in enabling the user to join the conversations with the topic of their company on social networking sites. Analytical tools and services are also provided, such as email alert, chat, Google search, and also access to the entitlement and contracts of customers.

The CRM service of Salesforce is broken down into categories that have over a hundred customers.

Implementation of Salesforce Services

With the implementation of the different services offered by Salesforce, Customertimes is a company that helps with its full implementation. Companies, especially those on a global scale rely on Customertimes to be able to implement and also customize Salesforce. So Customertimes has proven itself  as a reliable partner with deep knowledge and experience in an enterprise-scale cloud computing implementation.

Customertimes serve for different business needs that include business process review, configuration services, data migration, training and user adoption, and application integration. The goal of Customertimes is to help customers become more effective, manage their customer relationships better, and also enhance their mobile experience.

Aside from these Customertimes is also an independent software vendor or ISV. With this, they commit themselves to being of help to customers so that they would be able to take full advantage of Salesforce.com services. Projects are implemented in a quick and effective manner, regardless of the project scale they have, thus also including very much complex projects requiring additional flexibility.

Professional services, Salesforce.com implementation services, consulting, administration and proactive support, mobile technology, and outsourcing services around the globe are offered. The Customertimes team is composed of more than 300 talented and enthusiastic consultants, developers, business analysts, and mobile experts. These people have accumulated knowledge and experience in customer relationship management, CRM, particularly in Salesforce.com. Consultants are also Salesforce.com certified.

The track record of Customertimes has shown over 200 successful cloud technology implementations. The company will surely move you to a new level, either it is implementing a new system, supporting or optimizing your existing implementation.

Technology nowadays has brought ease and convenience to the users as everything is just a click away. Customertimes is one of these advancements and advantages offered to the people. To learn more about Salesforce and Customertimes, information is readily available online and on their website. One can visit Salesforce.com and Customertimes.com to know more and understand what each can offer.