Dangerous Skin Diseases

In this fast generation, the diseases are becoming weird and weird. The viruses are getting stronger than ever and causing pretty bad diseases to humans. The first most vulnerable part of the human body for any kind disease is skin, it is the most exposed organ of human flesh. Skin is mostly exposed to different temperatures, weather conditions, dust, viruses, bacteria’s and other things. All these things directly has the contact with the skin, so it is necessary for us to know about the skin protection and various skin diseases that can cause because of external influence on it. Here, in this article we are listing few skin disease and reasons to make the readers aware of them to protect themselves.


It is one of the dangerous skin disease occurred in many people. It is usually caused because of the absence of blood supply to certain body part tissues, it results in loss of elasticity of the arterial walls results further in blocking the blood supply. The infection will extend furthermore, if it is not timely treated, it gives rotten effects to flesh of your skin. The dead muscle must remove immediately before you are going to take treatment for the disease.

Epidermolysis Bullosa

This disease affects the skin on the hands, this is not an instant causing disease. EB is the long term result of life style, quality of person lives. It depends on several factors, but usually it is limited to the skin of the hands. Though it is limited to hand the pain and itching feeling can’t be bearable, it is tough to handle by the patient.


Leprosy is another most dangerous skin disease which has to be identified earlier and treated. Otherwise, it becomes so dangerous can damage your external skin like you can’t think. It develops slowly with infection of Leprae bacteria or M lepromatosis bacteria. When it affects your skin, your skin loses the ability of sensation reorganization. It can spread to person to person pretty quickly with breathing and droplets.


When skin disease effects us, the skin can swell up in larger sizes just like an elephants leg. This condition can cause mainly to our legs, ankles, feet and hands. It can avert every body part of us, this is caused mainly by a parasite called round warm parasite. Previously it was a treatable disease, but now with improved medical technologies, this dangerous disease can also treatable which makes you feel again joyful.

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