David Ostrer- The Messiah In Disguise

When we remember our childhood days when we used to hate to wake up in the morning because that meant going to school, it brings a smile on our face. As we grew up, we took education for granted- everyone goes to school so we are also going. It was quite late that we actually understood the value of education and that not everyone goes to school. Education does not come with a package for everyone. Even when we are acquainted with this harsh reality, we conclude it with a philanthropic sigh. Seldom have we gone out of our comfort zone to do some extra bit for them who are not blessed with education which is a basic requirement to ensure a secured future.

Education enlightens our mind and soul. Without it, we are like that toad in the deep dark well who thinks it as its world. It is really a sad reality that not everyone is entitled to it. Even in a country like US and in its developed state Washington, there are segments where people do not have access to education which should be one of the fundamental rights. But thanks to people like education evangelist David Ostrer who do not accept everything that the system imposes. This stalwart decided to go that extra mile by reforming the existing education system of this state. He is an educated and enlightened man who regarded education as an essential facility and to make it reachable at all levels, he took various progressive measures as well.

He had secured a position in the Lake Washington School District’s administrative body and used this opportunity to give shape to the mission of his life. He started with establishing a model school and there on started working on developing and upgrading the academic system of the state. He emphasized on extracurricular activities so that the students can enjoy an overall development. He thought that it was important to recognize the hidden talent of the children before it is late. He made quite a difference while in administration and won several awards for his priceless contribution towards the school.

When it comes to appalling condition of female education, the state of Washington could give any underdeveloped country a run for competition. But with David Ostrer, it didn’t mean to last long. Being an educational reformer, he took certain key steps to modify the picture and place female students there. According to him, its women who form the society and it are shameful to discriminate them on all walks of the road. He was an enlightened man; he had a clear picture of his vision which helped his achieving success in all the projects that he started from the early days of his career.

David Ostrer has been an integral part of educational reforms of Washington that have taken place in past few years. He has helped government in locating the exact areas that need immediate attention. He has successfully emphasized the need to uplift the condition of female education- a forgotten and forbidden issue. It goes without saying that without the active participation of David Ostrer, Washington could not have achieved its prestigious position in country’s educational system.

David Ostrer made a fruitful use of his administrative expertise and knack. Many among us are blessed with such acumen but very few will use it for bigger causes. David Ostrer is one among those rare few and it will make him immortal in the history of Washington’s educational reforms.

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