Thursday 18 November 2021

Dedicated Server Hosting Allows Your Website To Perform At Its Optimum Level

Shared hosting is the preferable option if you are running a low traffic website that does not require too much resources to stay online and accessible. Shared hosting is cheap as a single physical server hosts multiple websites where all the present websites benefit from economies of scale. However, shared hosting ceases to be a feasible option when a business is running high traffic website, and its revenue generation depends to a significant extent on the strength of its online presence. Dedicated server hosting under such circumstances become a necessity rather than a choice. Dedicated servers offer greater flexibility with improved customization and configuration.

The resources of an entire server working towards keeping your website available and accessible on 24×7 basis will optimise and boost your hosting experience. You will enjoy better control and security along with quick website loading time and high levels of uptime. Another major advantage of dedicated hosting is that it allows you to go beyond the resources limitations that are a common occurrence in shared hosting where a website may suffer from degraded performance owing to extra resource consumption by other websites.

Switching to dedicated server hosting offers a lot of benefits and advantages to a business. Your website will load quickly; you will have better control over it, get a unique IP address and customise it easily to your own requirements and specifications.

Dedicated Server Hosting Allows Your Website To Perform At Its Optimum Level

Some of the important advantages of dedicated hosting are as following:

  • Increased level of server security
  • Very rare chance of your website performing sub-optimally or crashing owing to resource crunch
  • Option of both managed and unmanaged server support. However, you must remember that managed server hosting ensures better technical support from the service provider.
  • Improved server reliability with exceptionally high levels of uptime
  • Dedicated hosting is highly customisable. It can be easily tailored to suit your website hosting needs.
  • Optimum bandwidth and space along with constant availability of other resources like CPU, RAM, memory, etc.

It is, however, imperative for you to hire the services of a quality service provider to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from your dedicated hosting. You specially need to take three important factors into consideration —reliability, bandwidth and disk space, and technical support provided by the service provider—before you opt for dedicated hosting.

We know that shared hosting scores poorly on security factor. The entire purpose of dedicated hosting is defeated if it fails to offer you comprehensive security from viruses, spams, malwares, spywares and other malicious content on the web. The service provider must have latest software and security mechanism in place to offer your website full-proof protection. You have to ensure that the operating system you choose is capable of handling all the applications you intend to run. Windows and Linux are the two preferred choices. Having a strong and reliable technical support is important for optimal server performance and utmost peace of mind.

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