Delve Into The Folk, Music, Dance and Culture Of Jaipur

The cultural scene of Rajasthan can be compared to a very few as there is no end to how rich it really is and how long it has been around. The easy accessibility to the city by the New Delhi to Jaipur trains make it an even easier choice of destination to travel to. This article talks about the culture and way of life of Jaipur.

Rajasthani culture is known far and wide for its uniqueness and long line of history, and where better to get introduced and experience the cultures and traditions of the state then Jaipur? The city which is the clear heavyweight in terms of the tourist attractions and where the Government and respective authorities have invested a good deal and made various efforts in order to try and give the travelling tourists and visitors a taste Rajasthan and take back a piece of their culture to wherever they are visiting from and spread the word. Tourists can make their way to the city via the New Delhi to Jaipur trains which is available whole throughout the year. Although Jaipur has now joined the parade of the other top cities of India, the city still stays very true to its cultural roots, the points mentioned below reflects that statement.

The Local People

Apart from the tourists and travellers, the people living in Jaipur are almost and mostly Rajasthanis, unlike other cities where the city is filled with people from all over settling down in the city for their education or professional work purposes. The people are courteous and ever ready to help anyone in need. They are warm, hospitable and their welcoming nature makes every wandering stranger feel at home.


Unlike other cities, the restaurants around the city mostly serve Rajasthani cuisine. Cuisine from other parts of India and the world are hard to find and you will have to dig deep to find one, and even if you do, it may not be as good as you would like it to be, because business is bad for them and people come to Jaipur to try authentic Rajasthani cuisine and having dinner at a continental restaurant kills the purpose of visiting Jaipur.


By and large, the city follows Hinduism. Although there are a few exceptions here and there, the people belonging from Jaipur are Hindus and also mostly vegetarian. One of the main reasons why the rajasthani cuisine is mainly made up of vegetarian cuisine. If you are lucky enough to get an invite to a wedding, you may get to eat good Rajasthani non-vegetarian cooked in the original Rajputs recipe which is nothing short of grand and the meat literally melts in your mouth!

Folklore, Folk Dance and Music

Dance and music go hand in hand in Rajasthan. The land is extremely rich in folk dance, folk music and folk lore. The best way to experience the folk scene of Rajasthan is during the festivals. If you are lucky, you may even stumble upon small groups performing on the streets. And again, if you can manage to get an invite to a private cultural show for some occasions, you will experience the best first-hand.

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