Design Tips To Make Your Magento Mobile App A Success

The recent years have seen the transition of e-commerce to m-commerce, as more and more sellers want to take the mobile advantage. Mobile commerce has changed the face of online selling, as they offer 24 by 7 access to e-stores along with the options of easy payment, hot offers, and unmatched customer support. The best of this form of selling can be availed by investing in Magento Mobile app development. The reason is that Magento serves as an ideal platform for developing apps that are highly appealing and amazingly functional. The most vital parameter of app success is its design; it should be designed to deliver an excellent user experience so that the user becomes a brand loyalist. You can incorporate certain design features in your Magento app to take it to the next level.

Uncluttered Interface

The most important aspect of app design is the interface. It has to be uncluttered so that it looks good on the small screen of the mobile device. The Magento Developers need to focus on the layout of images and text so that they are visually appealing. Also, the placement of buttons and CTAs should be user-friendly so that they drive conversions.

Judicious Use Of Filters

Another great design element for an e-commerce app is filters, which are effective for enhancing the user experience manifold. With judicious use of filters, the customers are able to access products according to their preferences, such as products based on price, color, size, etc. The price filter button should be placed on the top because it is the most widely applied attribute.

Condensed Navigation

Since the screen space for smartphone users is limited, condensed navigation is another essential of Magento Ecommerce Apps Development. The entire menu, which consists of product catalog, sections, promotions, etc, has to be condensed so that it can easily fit into the screen. Parallax scrolling is useful for a seamless and consistent mobile shopping experience.

Animated Designs

Usage of animated elements in the app design is a good way to get user attention for the entire app or a specific segment, such as CTA button. Additionally, these elements work well to alleviate impatience, such as when the customer is waiting for a transaction to be processed.

Easy Checkout

Patience is a quality rarely found in mobile shoppers as they are quick to switch to another app if they are not comfortable with one. Offering a short, simple, and crisp checkout process increases the chances of conversion for your Magento app. Allowing Guest Checkout with social media login instead of registering with the app is another good idea.

Informative Shopping Cart Screen

An informative shopping cart screen is another design element to enhance the user experience offered by your Magento app. The cart should display key information related to the product summary, shipping methods, payment options, and final pricing. A Proceed To Checkout button should be placed prominently. This is a significant feature because a large proportion of shoppers tend to abandon their carts at this stage.

A mobile application serves as a long-term asset for your online business. For this reason, you should not compromise with its quality and trust only the best Magento web development company in India for the job.

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